Your Hire Android App Developer Should Know How to Successfully Publish an App

When we think about the role of hire Android app developer, we generally confine her role up to the Android app designing, programming, and testing. However, it is extra advantage if your hire Android app developer or team knows the inside out of Android app publishing and marketing. Let’s check that what they should know.

android app development

When we are going to jump on the mobile app development bandwagon in order to earn some fortune or run business smoothly or do branding, we always think of hire mobile developer or a team for our project. At present, Android is rocking due to its steady increased share in the market in terms of devices numbers and apps in the Google Play like marketplaces.

There is an adage, “business is there, where its customers”. Therefore, it is but natural that each business and entrepreneur wants to have presence on the Android platform through effective android app development and its marketing. For Android development many prestigious mobile app development companies like Mindinventory offering highly comprehensive and affordable hire Android app developer packages.

However, when we hire Android app developer, we simply assume that he or she is fine at designing, programming, or testing like technical tasks, but never think of overall success of the app in the market. Thus, it is mandatory to have adequate knowledge of app life cycle after completion of development and particularly inside out of the marketing aspects of an app.

In due course, our team leaders of mobile app development staff always put stress on some critical steps to be taken and collect the information upfront, just before app planning. Let me introduce that what we are doing.

Our hire Android app developers learn the App store policies or prerequisites of the marketplaces where we are going to publish our app. Google Play is regulated by Google in the same manner as iTunes store by Apple, but bit leeway. Google has published its designing, programming, and testing policies, guidelines, and expectations on its Android developer website or forum.

We instruct our hire Android app developers to go through thoroughly to these documents and implement their guidelines from the very beginning stage of the Android app development process. Thus, our Android apps are of high quality and with excellent user experiences in the eyes of Google and other market places where our esteemed patrons want to place/sell their apps.

We put stress on the learning security aspects of Android app. As we know that when our clients and their businesses are attached with app along with their personal or business data where some sensitive information or critical business info are involved, we take high security measures during app development. With advent of technologies, we have adequate expertise and tools to make your app and your data exchanges secure and safe at each level. We trained our hire Android app developers from the very initial stage of their learning regarding to these and also force them to update their knowledge with the pace of time.

We upload all essential resources according to the demands of App store. We submit screenshots of app, essential info regarding to the app and its features/functionality, adequate descriptions, Meta data, etc. and leave no reason to reject our submitted app or have lower ranking in app store.

We consider feedback and reviews in App store and on the web. We teach tough lessons to honor the audience and clients equally. Therefore, our hire Android app developer or team will take care of reviews or feedback once your app has published in the App store. When they find reasonable and useful hints they act accordingly and made changes in upcoming version of app. Thus, you will find clear numbers of our app versions and what have been included in that version.


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