Short Cycle of Installing & Uninstalling Apps and iOS Developers

It has been observed that the wide range of mobile applications is downloaded from various marketplaces of all mobile platforms. However, that doesn’t mean all mobile apps have prolonged use life and users. Big chunks of them have been uninstalled within short span.

iOS developers

Now, iOS is a huge mobile platform with some fragmentation on hardware and software fronts. Therefore, it is more prone to uninstall phenomena because when users show that the particular app is useful for them, they immediately download it without checking whether their device or OS is supporting it or not.

When they begin installation, a prompt or warning of incompetency appears and they have to break their installation prematurely. This is kind of competency problem for iOS app development company, but still many factors playing significant role in uninstall phenomena and lead iOS application developers to worry about them and take appropriate actions accordingly. Let’s know them and find the space to improve them in our iOS application development environment.

Usability-Ease of Use-Usefulness

These three are important factors just after the user experiences in your app development. If your app description is not citing them, users will unknowingly download the app and uninstall after little usage. Thus, you should address these factors while you are in iOS app development process and then finally prepare marketing copy carefully or prepare a web page especially devoted to the app and explain the users prior about how these factors have been addressed adequately.


Performance criterion has leading role in the success and retention of the iOS app so each iOS developers have to check whether their mobile app is taking the shortest time to load when initiated. If iOS developers are fail, to make apps responsive the acceptance and retention of app may prove a nightmare. Similarly, if your mobile app is not offering smooth workflow, screen flow, interactions, and other user experience factors, your chances of success may prove deemed.


Security aspect is quite vital particularly in case of e-commerce iOS application development. For general categories of apps, data flow and data security while for e-commerce and finance mobile applications, transactions and critical info of users matter more to check vulnerability. Adding enough security levels and employing the latest encryption technologies are nothing but a better beginning in the right direction.

If iOS developers are not expert at integration of various payment gateways and third-party apps/software in small to enterprise level of iOS mobile applications, they will put their users in frustrations and sometimes annoyed them too. In enterprise mobility solutions, adequate authentications of various levels of users and granting them desired permissions are playing significant role in making iOS application secure in BYOD environment.

In sum, the above described factors are playing vital roles in the success and longer life of iOS apps on the client devices besides the cloying graphics and smart UI to attract the iOS application users and fortunately, Mindinventory has scrappy iOS developers who knows these very facts well in advance.


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