Picking the Right App Developer – The 10 Must Knows

How do you choose the right app developer for the next app that you’re building? Do you just go for run of the mill developers who charge as less as $10 an hour or do you need to look at someone who has expertise and can really help make an app with a difference? No, you do not always have to shell out more for the best app developers, but you need to know how much the app developer can help you with your project. Here’s a look at the top 10 things you should note when hiring an app developer.

app developer

1. The first isn’t always the best

Try out looking for different app developers first – do not just settle in for the first app developer that you come across. While knowledge and expertise are two must haves, it’s important to discuss your expectations as well.

2. Gauging the knowledge

A good app developer has a sound technical knowledge and there are no two ways about it. He needs to understand the operating system in depth. So, if you’re developing your app on Android, an in depth understanding of Android is required. If you’re developing an app for iOS, the app developer needs to know all about Apple developer guidelines.

3. How versatile is he?

You need your app developer to be versatile and so you might as well have a look at his portfolio. What are the applications that he has designed and how useful were they? Don’t go in for the numbers but the quality. You need your developer to know a variety of computer languages including PHP and CSS, which are a must.

4. Your own budget

You cannot afford everything all the time. So, focus on your budget and the best app developer in that region. You need to stick to your game plan and while the cheapest developer isn’t the solution, perhaps you can opt for an experienced off shore one who offers a lesser rate?

5. Keeping track

You need to keep a note of all the progress your developer has made, especially at the initial stages. This helps you know how things are progressing – remember, a planned approach is what’s needed so don’t have the developer rushing in to the project – it can take time for the deliverables to be completed.

6. Collaborate easily

Your developer doesn’t know about your business as much as you do- it’s important to collaborate easily so that your developer knows all about the project. Remember, more details about the project isn’t a bad thing.

7. Support

You need to have app developers offer post deployment support, as there’re going to be a number of bugs initially. Focusing on the end user experience is important and you need to ask your app developer about how they support your app after it launches in the App Store.

8. It’s about IP Ownership as well

It’s better to have you sign out an IP agreement with your app developer, stating clearly that you own all the rights to the app when it’s launched in the store. You need to own the IP of the app, and not your app developer.

9. Finding someone you can work with

You probably need to work with an app developer for a few months. Find someone you can work with and you can make things happen easily.

10. Verify the references

Did your app developer tell that he had worked on a number of projects before? Well, it’s a good idea to check out one or two of his references, just to be sure. You can check out a customer from any previous project of his and also look out on the present projects that he has been doing. It is a great way to be sure that he is the right guy.

It can be difficult to choose the right developer out there, but you do know that the rewards can be astonishing. It’s all about making the right choices and having those amazing ideas.


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