Making money from Free Apps – Gearing Up for to Big Game for Developers

Ever wondered why people love to buy an iPhone? Leave aside the fact that Apple’s products speak of innovation and quality – let’s focus on what interests customers when using a product – the user experience.

mobile app developer Apps galore

One of the reasons is definitely the plethora of alluring options of downloading free apps. It wouldn’t be wrong to be name these app developers the King Midas of the 21st century where the apps are the digital gold. Having said that, this is the major reason why hundreds of apps developer submits their work in the app store. Although a popular app can fetch millions in a month, but there are some strict rules and regulations which are not very easy to bypass. So, while some of the app developers strictly follow the rules others are ignorant enough to overlook them and repeat the same project.

Making money with free apps

So how the mobile app developers are making money with the free apps?

For a newbie developer, you need to focus on the following steps to be a successful app developer –

Become a registered Apple developer by signing in the link –

With the completion of the registration procedure, the next step is to enroll as the developer program by Apple. This step is chargeable at $99 per year.

What can you do?

First, be aware of Apple’s guidelines when it comes to creating apps – including the type of apps it accepts. Once the registration is completed, login and the password are created. With this, you can create your profile for app distribution and development. Also, it is essential to generate certificate for the apps.

Next, with the ‘manage you apps’ section, the developer can click on the ‘add new app’ option where he will be asked to fill up forms and the other mandatory information which will share the details of the application and the organization. He also needs to upload the screen shot of the app icon and the application.

As the details are saved, the developer can click on the ‘view more details’ and answer the binary questions present there. Once it’s completed, it should be saved. Next, the app can be uploaded via xCode. However, you need to wait for the approval from the Apple. If unapproved, Apple will send a mail focusing on the reasons for rejection. Most apps that adhere to Apple’s guidelines are approved unless Apple finds something amiss or are concerned about an arena.



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