Hire iPhone developer to Design Robust Motion on Your App

Today our digital world is becoming more real by simulating real life things on our all sorts of computing devices including iPhone like smartphones. In earlier versions of iPhone and iOS, we were relying on Vow effects where many unnatural things were running on the tiny screen of iPhone, be it in native apps or in web apps or responsive websites.

hire iphone app developer

On the step of evolution, we are now have iPhone capable to process lots of heavy interactions and animations while iOS is supporting new designing paradigm and our modern browsers eventually supporting CSS animation in absence of Flash. If we take modern responsive websites running on iPhone on consideration, this post will become more relevant for the designers or iPhone developers who are going to craft motion on your app.

Motion in Early Days of Web
With advent of iPhone, Flash became obsolete and a big vacuum arose for motion design on the web. Fortunately, Apple and others have supported evolution of HTML5 and CSS3 like pure web technologies to become an integral part of mobile landscape since the early days and consequently mobile web app as well as greater support for mobile friendly responsive web design came in to the picture.

Motion in Today’s Web
Today HTML5 has immense capabilities to support multimedia components along with the hardware acceleration capacities of iPhone while CSS is key element to thrive for motion designing and separating logics/code from presentation i.e. from text/content. Today almost all mobile browsers including Safari of iPhone are supporting CSS and its animations properties.

This evolution of CSS has changed the interface design, performances, and brought more real life simulations on the tiny screens of iPhone and other mobiles. If we look at real life examples in modern screens of the latest versions of iPhone, we may find following happening on the screens.

Layers in UI Designing
The concept of layer had pushed in iOS7 and it is now become the most used interface element in web as well as in app UI designs. At motion design point of view layer has not much movement except when they animated as animate in and animate out movement. Layers keep context of existing screen or web page intact when appear with a smooth transition and provide temporary space for contextual content in relation to displayed screen. Thus, the minds of users think less and understand more with the least efforts.

Contextual Menus or Windows in UI Designing
We have two kinds of screen transitions: permanent and temporary. In permanent transition web jump from one screen to another and never return to the left one. Whereas in temporary transition we have some temporary forms of user interfaces, which help us to display content or UI elements relevant to the present screen and ready to disappear again when its purposes solved.
For instance, popup windows, model windows, drawer menus, tooltips menus or onboarding UI design, etc. are good examples of modern contextual menus or  windows to serve us temporary and providing extra spaces for extra content in desired contexts. Recently, Gmail and Facebook apps are excellently using drawer menus in different contexts and offer highly personalized experiences to their users.

SPA in UI Designing
In above examples, we have seen transitions and animation within a page or app, but what about when entire page transits from one to another and a gap become apparent between them. Moreover, entire page transition consumes more CPU power and distracts UX at the end. Therefore, modern web and mobile app designers are leaning towards single page application designing where everything takes place in a single page using modern animated temporary screens or windows described in above examples.

In all such smooth transitions and animations, CSS is playing vital role and if you need to give excellent user experiences and usability in your web or mobile app designing using aforementioned techniques and technologies you need to hire solid team of iPhone app developers. Perhaps Mindinventory is the best choice of mobile app development company available in the market.


2 thoughts on “Hire iPhone developer to Design Robust Motion on Your App

  1. Wahid February 9, 2015 / 7:37 pm

    I am interested in having done iphone app
    How much will it cost for simple app?


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