Developing your first iPhone App – Things to Do Before You Submit it to iTunes Store

iPhone is the most reputed platform for launching an app. It has various users and is highly responsive and systematic. Making an app is just like cooking. The style can be different but in the end what matters is the taste. If you complete all the steps in a proper and organized way, then you can create a quality app even if it is your first time.

iPhone app development

Developing an iPhone app is not a daunting task if you follow a streamlined process to do so. You can consider the steps given below before you start.

Develop an idea:

Develop a unique idea that is different and is not something that already exists. Do some brainstorming and outline your purpose for the app. Draw it on a paper or your computer to get a clear understanding. Understand the validity and practicality of it and what will it offer?

Mac is important:

You would need a Mac to develop as iPhone tools are only available to Mac users. To get on the iTunes, Store Mac is very important.

Make an App ID:

You would need to register as an Apple developer by giving some basic information about yourself and agree to the terms. The username and password can also be used for iTunes store.

Downloading the Software Development Kit for iPhone:

Downloading the SDK will take some time as it contains a lot of large files of documentation, sample codes, etc. This will be a helping guide during the development process. To get more information about iPhone SDK you can also take help of ManiacDev.

Download the XCode:

For smooth workflow to integrate the source code that will leave no trace of your code you would need to perform this download.

Use SDK templates to develop the app:

As you complete the design, SDK templates will be useful, and you can also refer to some YouTube tutorials for help.

Understanding Objective-C programming:

It is the foundation to develop iPhone applications. If you know coding, understanding it will be easier else external help for programming may be needed.

Program your app with Objective- C:

Once you know how to make your app with Objective-C, it is fabulous; else you may need a help of a programmer for few months.

Testing the app on iPhone Simulator:

Now comes bug killing. On SDK iPhone, stimulator will help in testing the app and depending on the user needs you can optimize the app.

Uploading time:

Once testing is done, app needs to be uploaded on the iTunes store and u would need to pay $99 as a onetime fee.

Others can test your app:

You get a chance to join app community and get the final bugs removed by others.

App Approval:

From the community itself you can start with approval, and this may take ten days time or more.

Reap the benefits:

The process is completed, and now you can enjoy the traffic and check the returns as per the type of app.


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