The iPad App Development Basics – Things to Remember by Heart

How much have you invested in mobile app development? As an app developer, it is important to understand what makes each app different. How do you start your app development process?

iPad app development

If you’re looking to develop apps for Apple, understand that you need to get into the Apple cycle then. Here are some pointers that can come in handy during developing apps for Apple’s iOS.

1. Mac is quintessential for developing any app for iPhone and iPad. So if you are already accustomed with Mac, that’s a lucky bid as there is no other way to create and test an app for iPad other than Mac. Many of our developers do not know Mac thoroughly, and that can cost you dearly if you land up with a well-paid iOS app development project.

2. Buy an iPad. Although there are a number of simulators where you can check the newly created iPad apps, it will never give the accurate result as that when checked in iPad. This is crucial especially when you are developing a commercial app that otherwise can be checked over the simulators.

3. Xcode is very different from Visual Studio and Eclipse. So even if you are a master of these, learning Xcode will be mandatory for iPad app development.

4. Also, you can learn about the cross platforms like MonoTouch, PhoneGap, HTML5, Titanium in case Objective-C and Xcode are not very comfortable options. Using this knowledge can also help you create apps using the different sources.

5. Create your own developer account in iTunes App Store. The process can take as long as two weeks to get approved. From the various kinds of accounts available, you can choose whichever to go for. For freelancer app developers, the personal account is the best option. An Enterprise account will be suitable for those developers who are linked with organizations or working in groups.

6. However, if you are creating iPad apps just for the sake of development, no developer account is needed. This is because the iOS simulator or the Xcode can be downloaded without the requirement of any account.

7. iPad is not just a larger smartphone. Bigger iPad screen allows for more experimentation, and the UI design it demands is completely different than the iPhone. So be ready iPad app development gives scope for more innovation.

iPad mobile app development is easy if you know the basics. Apple wants you to understand its ecosystem before you’re able to develop apps for it. Newer technologies like Swift might seem tough at first but then it’s something that you’re investing in.




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