The New iOS ResearchKit for Apple Developers

If you still haven’t heard of it, you need to know it now. Apple has announced the launch of its new iOS ResearchKit framework which will specifically be useful for the medical research. The developers working with HealthKit will find this new software helpful as the apps can be turned into powerful diagnostic tools.

researchkit for Apple Developers

iOS apps have already helped almost millions of customers to improve and keep track of their health. Jeff Williams, Senior Vice President of Operations, Apple, stated how hundreds of millions of people use iPhone around the world and how developers can take the opportunity to think of apps that contribute more to medical research.

Prior to ResearchKit, Apple has made its venture into the field of health monitoring with HealthKit, which was launched last year. Open-sourcing ResearchKit will provide the scope for community contributions, for instance, through the variety of informed consent modules, and data collecting modules.

Also, ResearchKit will not include any of the features where you can get the survey scheduling capability or conduct any communication mechanisms between apps and servers. However, Apple will not have any access to the user health data.

So, what can ResearchKit do for you?

With the developer kit, medical researchers can create diagnostic apps that can detect the different kind of disorders. The app can for instance, access important metrics like the patient’s blood pressure, weight, and glucose levels with the user’s consent. Developed jointly by Xuanwu Hospital at Capital Medical University in Beijing, University of Rochester and Sage Bionetworks, this app can measure the hand tremors, vocal trembling as well as the walking balance.

Memory game and finger tapping can help to track Parkinson’s disease through the Parkinson mPower app. the GlucoSuccess app will understand the various aspects of the patient’s life style. The MyHeart Counts app can measure the cardiovascular health. The Share the Journey app aims to study the breast cancer survivors’ symptoms. Designed to facilitate asthma patient, the Asthma Health app can help to promote positive behavioral changes

ResearchKit apps will be rolled out globally in near future. As of now, it can be brought from the US The iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus will be able to support it as well as the latest generation of iPod can also open the app.


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