Top 5 Business Apps for iPhone

Looking to increase productivity? Check out Apple’s iOS store – a great bet if you’re looking at increasing those dipping productivity levels. There’s a whole lot of things that you can do out there when it comes to working with business apps, from automating processes to taking notes with ease. Sending mails or storing information can get a whole lot easier.

iphone apps for business

Business apps for your iOS phone
To help you manage your business affairs, your iPhone could be great device. It allows you to improve your productivity while on the move. Here are top five business app that you can use on your phone.

1. Outlook
You probably have used Outlook or know about it well, if you’ve been using a desktop or Laptop running on Windows. Well, Outlook can work on your iPhone too. The Outlook is great app to have for managing your emails. Outlook of iOS is integrated with Desktop Outlook, so that you can receive and send invitation via email or get alerts for meetings. App also has focused inbox feature that sorts your emails automatically and keeps the most important emails upfront.

2. Evernote
Who doesn’t love Evernote? Evernote makes taking notes really simple and is an app that is increasingly being used by professionals and businessmen alike. Statistically, Evernote is one of the best apps in the market, and is great for taking notes. You can access your Evernote account from any device, hence add notes where you need it and they are with everywhere. There various options for making notes you can insert text, bullet points and photos.

3. Dropbox
It is cloud storage platform for iOS. Add any files into Dropbox and it will be accessible on any device you want through Dropbox account. It is free upto 2 GB but you can extend the storage by going from premium account. Now you have all the necessary document where you go.

4. CamCard
Business cards are still the best way to improve your business network. However, manually managing business cards is not easy and entering contact information is also time consuming. Using this app just take a snap of the business card and all the key details will be added to your contact.

5. Microsoft Remote Desktop
You want to access your office PC even while you are out for meeting or at home. This app allows you to access Microsoft desktop remotely. Using the app is easy as it mirrors your PC on your device.
These five apps on your iPhone are really must haves and help improve the productivity by a good margin.

Hope you will love this apps. Want to make one of your own? Have an idea? Come an talk to us and we will implement it for you. Visit here


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