The 5 Most Important Strategies to Create an Addictive App


What do you need to create an app that gets downloaded a million times?

According to research firm Gartner, less than .01 percent of mobile apps will achieve financial success through 2018. Even with such small number, developers strive to achieve the success. The key to developing a successful app is to offer addictive mobile application. You may not be next WhatsApp or Snapchat but if you can consider these five tips, you can develop a stand out app.

1. Understand the competition

Even before you create your won app, understand where it would fit into a highly competitive market. Try to find, what will be different in your app. You can find similar apps in the market, and meet like-minded developers to discover inspirations and ideas. Most importantly, understand your competition to differentiate your won brilliant concept.

2. Understand the context of use

When you plan to create an app, know how it will be used. Will it be used on the go or for leisure? The place where the user might use this app will determine if two hand or one hand interface is required. Leisure apps include games, videos, and social networking integration, which are mostly opened in the comfort of sofa, and users can afford to use two hands. While in public on the go app like messaging, news, etc. require only one-handed app.

3. Understand design is the key

When you are working on your idea, take it slow. Never stop the search for new ideas and inspiration. It is good idea to keep a sketchbook with you note ideas. Initially, try to keep things simple and open to allow any new additions.

4. Test your app

Once you build the first prototype, test it with innovative subjects – you can let drunk people or even babies try the app – just to see how much they enjoy engaging with the app. Observe them working through the interface and note the difficulties and skills required to use the app. Also ask the people to use the apps in various scenarios. This helps you learn more about your app.

5. Distribute it and take survey

Give the app to your friends, family and colleagues. Track them with analytic software and also take a short survey. Take a break from the app development do something else. Now look at the statistics and data from the survey. This will give a much better picture of the app.

As developer try to give a useful app to users that solves their problem or adds to their skills.

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