How Much Does Your App Cost? Estimating App Cost Development

How Much Does Your App Cost

While developing an app, the biggest question for any company is how much it would cost to develop the app. Companies would like to know how much would it cost for them to build the app from scratch.

While the question does seem simple, often, it is hard to predict the exact price until the project is finished. Approximations can be given but the app development process can be hindered by a number of factors, including emergence of better technologies and more app testing required than thought of initially. As an app entrepreneur, the only thing you can do is take a rough estimate of the cost depending the requirements of your app.

1. Platform

More the number of platforms, higher the cost. There are three major platforms, Android, iOS, and Windows. Blackberry stands on own too but you might want to give it a miss unless you have an audience of BB users.

2. Number of screens

Every devices has its different screen sizes. Cost related to app development depends on the number of platforms, screens and backend functionality that links these screens.

3. Data storage

What kind of data the app stores also affects costs. Is it text, audio, video or images? The cost will depend on how these data is treated.

4. User management

What kind of system are you using to manage the users? You may use email registration or social media registration. Creating database to manage this registration will have an impact on the cost.

5. Data integration

The cost will depend on the how much data are you linking. More the data linking, hire the cost. The other is third-party data, which includes Facebook, Twitter or another website. This requires extra development cost.

6. Location data

Location data means how many time the app pings to the location server to estimate the location. It will mostly affect the accuracy of location for the app, which in long term effects the cost.

7. Level of security

The higher the level of inscription, the hire will be the development cost because more work goes into making it. However, it depends on the application.

8. App Analytics

If you want to track your application and analyze the data, it will cost you extra. However, it is not necessary for all applications.

9. Scalability

In future if you want to improve the capability of an app, generate more revenue and offer more features. Leaving an area for such improvement on development stages affects the cost.

10. User management portal

A backend content management system for your app that will allow much better control over the app content.

These major factors affect the cost of building an app. If you think about these factors, you can get a rough estimate.


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