Pre-Register For Upcoming Apps on the Google Play Store Now!

Pre-Register For Upcoming Apps on the Google Play Store Now
Image via – androidcentral

Have you wondered if you can download the most awaited apps as they are released? If you love to play games in the app store, here is one news that you will love – Google has allowed users to pre register for upcoming apps. The benefits of the move are many – while users can play the latest games or run the newest apps before anyone else, it gives developers the chance to bring out the app before a limited audience and fine tune the app before launching it properly.

You may have been waiting for an app to release as a user. As a developer, you may want to create a user base for you app before it is released. The new feature on Google Play scores on both fronts. Google has introduced new feature to the Google Play Store, which allow users to pre-register for the upcoming new Android apps.

According to the Android Police, Terminator Genisys: Revolution app from Glu Mobile was the first app to take advantage of this feature.

Interested users can go to the pre-register icon for registering for the app in advance. This icon will be available in place of download. Pre-registration is completely free for Android users, and once the app is live, it is automatically downloaded or purchased on your device. An alert pops up whenever app is available. However, it is not sure purchase or permission for download, user can cancel the registration whenever they like.

Who can benefits from these apps?

This pre-registration is not for all kinds of app developers. It mostly depends on the kind of app that you are making. The games that are based on films or other entertainment shows will benefit to a great extent. Developers can time the release of their app with the film’s release and the registered user will be using the app right on the day of the release. It is great for creating interest and hype the launch.

This feature from Google play will be another addition to the app Store’ difference with Apple’s iOS Store. Google Play has traditionally offered unique features like allowing developers to reply to reviews. The company has tried to aid the new developers and allow them to create more interest for their apps. However, whether this feature will effect users and developers to a great extent is something we will know in a few months.

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