The 10 tips to Find You An Amazing Developer

tips to find top mobile app developers

What do you do when you’re out there scourging for the right talented developer who can make the right app? While you might have a great app idea, it is the developer who can advise you on the feasibility and the costs involved.

There are few things impossible for a top developer and if you’ve an ambitious project lined up, you need to get hold of a top developer.

The biggest assets for any entrepreneur are their employees. Raising huge capital and having great idea won’t make you the best in the business. It is the highly qualified and creative team of developers will make the successful product and ultimately the best company. Here are 10 tips for finding and hiring top developers.

1. Understand the skills involved

Create an outline of the skills and culture specifics for every position in the company. For instance, an iOS developer must have skills like objective C, swift, multi-threading, and story boarding; among others. Hire iPhone app developers India

2. How is the job market doing?

Know the job market to know the right price of the talent. Though you want talent at discounted price, demand and supply will decide the price of the candidate.

3. Is your developer a team player?

No matter how talented a candidate is, if they are not a team player it will affect various other team members and ultimately productivity will go down.

4. How quick is the developer?

For optimum software development cycle, you need someone who can deliver the required work on time and can work under deadline.

5. Check the standards

You must determine the developer’s standard when coding to know how efficiently he will develop a project with minimum bugs and crashes.

6. Is the developer responsive and adaptive?

The big factor that will allow you grow to have team that is coachable. Individuals must be able to take feedback, under training and coaching to upgrade herself or himself.

7. Check the portfolio

A big list of project should not impress you. You must always check the product has developed in the past to judge the ability of the candidate.

8. Get hold of the prototype

You must use the popular developers’ rapid prototype feature to learn. This helps you know his or her process.

9. Play it steady

Never rush to appoint someone. Take time to test the individual through various tests and interview until you are assured he is the right candidate.

10. Check leadership qualities

Know how good is their network. If the developer can convince other developers in his network to join your team, it shows great leadership potential.

Don’t just rely on these 10 tips! Use your good judgment to know which developer will be suitable for your team.


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