Android M – 6 Things to Know

Android M

It’s time for the next Android OS to make itself seen.
Google recently unveiled the Android M beta version to give developers an early look. Recently, Interestingly, the announcement comes at a time when the Android 5.0 Lollipop is yet to be released on many phones. Google replacement for the Android Lollipop comes because of a number of concerns that Android M is expected to address.

Here are six things you need to know about Android M Beta.

1. Permission
Android M will have a major overhaul. Now each app will have to request permission to use elements of contacts, microphone, calls, and many other. Earlier permission were pre-approved while installing the app, but now permission request will be generated by each app. It gives more security to the device.

2. Android Pay
Google Wallet is renamed to Android Pay. To make the mobile payments easier and safer, these changes have been introduced. Users will be able to authorize payments using fingerprint.

3. Fingerprint support
Now, many phones are coming with fingerprint sensors. Currently, Samsung offers their own system but Android M will offer much better experience. Now more devices are expected to support fingerprint sensors to make the device safer. Users can unlock the phone, make purchases and many more using this feature.

4. Power, Charging and Battery Life
Each version created with the promise to improve performance and batter life. However, still there is not an ultimate improvement. Now Android M brings new things to the table like Doze. It is similar to iOS but overall it will double the battery life.

5. More features
Android M promises to be smarter than its predecessors are. There new share tool, new copy/paste system and undo feature. Moreover, imported Bluetooth, clipboard toolbar and seven new language support are offered. This is just a top layer there many more feature to come.

6. Release Date
Impressed by above points, well this has to be last point. Google has confirmed that the beta version will be available for Nexus 5, 6, 9 and Nexus Player. However, the global release is a possibility in the third-quarter.

It’s unclear as to which phones Android M will be available in but phones with the latest processors and at least 2 GB or RAM are capable enough to support the OS. Latest flagship models like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will in all probability get the Android M upgrade.

Soon, Google will reveal more updates for Android M in its Google I/O conference. It may not disclose the whole product, but at least android app developers get some precious glimpses of Android M.


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