Apple’s iOS App Development Barriers: Now No More

iOS app development

Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference tis year brought in with itself a lot of surprises for not just all the iOS users, but also for the iPhone app developers. One of the key announcements from the conference was that Apple has significantly eased the iOS app development barriers. From now on, iPhone app development will not require an Apple developer program to build an app. There are many reasons for why Apple was right in doing so:

Price Cut

Fiddling with iOS just got barrier-free, which means that now the iOS app development has been made far more accessible. It will get easier for those who want to tinker with the apps according to their whims and fancies, and want to create new programs. There won’t be any more need of joining the Apple’s developer program for building apps for the iOS.

Expanding platforms

Not only will it help in cutting the costs of building the apps, it will also help to expand the iOS development portals to other platforms as well. Now, there will be more developers who would be willing to create Apple programs, as they could not have done this earlier without joining the iOS developer program. Moreover, it will also give competition to the Android platform, which is easier and also doesn’t require any developer membership.

Quicker expansion

The expansion of the iOS development portals will just not be extensive, but will also be quick. Now that Swift 2 has been made open source, it will help anyone to use the Apple language, even if the person is from outside Apple’s ecosystem. Consequently, there will now be more people who would know how to use Swift, and will be able to code it in a way so that they can extract the best out of the apps.

So, which feature are you looking the most at? iOS 9 promises to be exciting and with a promise of better battery life. The decision to make Swift 2 an open source is indeed a huge one, and shows Apple’s intent to make Swift more popular and take on rival Google’s Android.


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