How to install iOS 9 on iPhone or iPad now

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Get iOS 9 today. Install iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad now and for free. It’s simple and free to install the beta version of iOS 9 on any recent iPhone or iPad. Here’s how to get iOS 9 now on iPhone or iPad.

iOS 9

iOS 9 is the upcoming operating system for iPhone and iPad from Apple. It will launch in the Autumn for all current users of iOS 8. Find out why iOS 9 is worth caring about in our iOS 9 release date and new features article. Here we will concentrate on how to get iOS 9 early.

Get iOS 9 today: why you may not want to

Any iPhone or iPad user can install the iOS 9 beta today, should they so wish. But there are a couple of caveats. For one thing, if you don’t already have an Apple Developer account, you will need to pay $99 to register for one. More importantly, you will be installing a beta OS on your iPhone or iPad. Incomplete software releases offer an exciting glimpse of the future, but there will be bugs. And you may find that apps you use in iOs 8 don’t yet work properly in iOS 9. (See also: Best smartphones of 2015.)

And in the case of iOS 9 there is a further reason to wait. For the first time that we can recall Apple is running a public beta-testing program of its upcoming iOS 9 release. A free public beta. And that free public beta is happening at some stage in July. So the chances are that if you wait for a month you can save yourself the developer free, and install software that – whilst still a beta – is less of a bugfest than the early developer code now available. In this article we will tell you both how to get the iOS 9 beta today, and how you can get it for free in a few weeks.

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