How Much Time Does Your iPhone App Take to Get Ready?

iPhone app development

Are you looking to develop an app for Android, iOS or Windows? One of the first questions for developers is to understand when your app would be ready. The quicker your app is ready, the lower the development cost would be and the potential benefits would be more too. So, what is the right time period for developing the app.

You need to consider these issues before working on your application.

1. Know the target audience
The first thing is the target audience. Different people prefer a different type of interface, and is a considerable point to develop a popular app.

2. Understand the device
Then next comes the type of device, if it is for a phone or a tablet. This point is important because each device has a resolution and thus that needs to be followed by the application.

3. Understand how the app is going to be played
The orientation of the display (portrait or landscape) differs because each application has a different preferable orientation.

4. What is the OS you’re looking to build on?
The version of the OS can make a different. If your app uses specific functions that are available only in that version, then they must be programmed as per that environment. This is because they may not be functional on the other interfaces.

The next issue is of the resources. These may relate to time, finance or intellectual properties. Do you own the intellectual resources or do you need to get licenses? You need to factor in the time factor too – the less time it would take, the higher would be the cost.

The time required to develop the app is influenced by some factors, including the following.

1. Type of application
If it is a business app, it may require permissions and payment getaways. This can require more time to be developed and may add up to the cost.

If it is a game or entertainment application, then depending on the story or conceptual study the app is developed

2. Graphics and interface
Every user looks for a friendly, easy to use and an attractive interface. So the developer is required to undertake some study or survey to analyze the target audience, and this decides the time required for the app to get ready.

3. Testing of application
This is a crucial part of the development process. Here all the flaws and errors are to be rectified, and compatibility of the device hardware needs to be analyzed. If the application uses certain sensors or additional driver or device, the application must handle such issues and respond accordingly.

4. Interruption in application
Instants like incoming call, message, little battery, background app notifications and other errors can interrupt the running app or may cause some unusual behavior. The application is to be programmed accordingly to overcome the issues.

After all these considerations, here is what can be the right time period for developing an app.
Simple app (games) – 2 weeks
Medium app (games and business) – 1-2 months
Complex app (high graphic games or e—commerce) – 3-4 months
Extreme interface integration – 6 months or more

How much time is it taking for you to develop your app?

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