Useful UX Tips for Mobile App Developers

ux tips for mobile app developers

User experiences are at the core of the success of any software including websites and mobile applications. Mobile apps are a bit more challenging due to different form factors, hardware, and OS constraints. Therefore, crafting excellent user experiences on mobile apps are demanding and short deadlines of projects makes the task more strenuous for mobile application developers.

In due course, I have decided to offer some common yet highly useful tips to enhance UX of mobile apps for iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms.

Tip #1: Offer Personalized Experiences

In present era, personalization is a winning formula in Internet world of businesses. Mobile app developers have great tools for personalization such as location data, Internet usage logs, personal and public info filled in various forms, data of app users filled in app profiles or app settings, etc.

If these data are used carefully and intelligently, we can simulate personal ambiance of our app users in very unique way. Creating geo-location aware, real-time aware, past-present preferences aware, and mood aware personalization is the demand of the present moment.

Therefore, designing and programming of mobile apps using the latest technologies, tools, and the best practices are sure ways to achieve higher engagements and good ROI at the end of the day.

Tip #2: Offer Contexts of Connection

If your mobile app is solely depend on Internet/cloud connection for all of its functionality, you have deemed chances to win battle of fierce competition of modern age. It is likely that your competitors may offer offline features and functionality and depict connection awareness in apps. Therefore, users can know whether app is connected or not and which connection is available at present moment.

Moreover, make some critical functionality of app, connection contextual so your apps can act according to the nature of connection available. For instance, apps can eliminate heavy images download function when thin connectivity takes place through 2G/3G and revive upload/download again when full bandwidth connectivity happens through powerful Wi-Fi.

Tip #3: Offer Advance Search Option

To bring hidden content on the surface, your apps need advance in-app search interface feature with greater degree of customization according to the nature and niche of the apps. Today we have advance filters and suggestive search interfaces to enhance search experiences. Therefore, mobile developers should learn how to integrate advance search software in your mobile apps and how to customize its functionality as well as features according to your needs.

Tip #4: Offer Onboarding Options

If you have big scale mobile apps with intricate functionality, guiding your users properly is a part of good UX. Therefore, selecting appropriate onboarding technique for each part of your mobile app is required skill for mobile app developers. It is crucial that which onboarding technique will work for which screen and what other options of onboarding will work in different contexts.

Tip #5: Offer Customer Support

All apps are never work all times in righteous ways. Therefore, it is mandatory to offer appropriate help and support system based on the nature of the mobile app and app niches. If your app is paid, it is but natural that your app users will expect good customer help desk and prompt responses with satisfactory solutions form you.

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