5 Best iPad Apps for Modern Teachers

Teaching for kindergartners to high school children are challenging in modern days because each school wishes to bring its classrooms into the 21st century. This puts modern teachers into the strenuous conditions to do something outstanding.

Modern teachers know well that their pupils have great craze for modern gadgets, particularly smartphones and tablets. No doubt, smartphones have many constraints to prove useful in education niche, but tablets are obvious winners here.

Therefore, Apple has initiated special moves to make iPad a part of modern education in American regions offering decent incentives to its users belonging to education fields. Keeping the buzz in mind, many iPad app development companies have jumped into the bandwagon of iPad app development for educational purposes. Thus, you can find very useful iPad apps created and published in Apple App Store or iTunes Store in substantial amount.

Let’s pick some of them, with different purpose, in modern teaching.

#1: Endless Reader

Endless Reader appTarget Audience:

Preschool & School Children

Education Area:

Word Recognition

iPad App Developer Team:



For speed learning, kids should recognize words by sight. Therefore, if animation, color, texture, etc. have been added in the formation of a word, instead of mere textual fonts, kids will immediately engage with it and grasp the words rapidly.

Keeping these behavioral facts in mind, passionate artists and dedicated engineers have developed this iPad app at Originator Inc. this app ultimately avoid messing with unusual spellings that give tough time to kids to be sounded by simple phonetics knowledge at this age.

In this iPad app, delightful animations are included to reinforce sight recognition of words in highly funny and interactive manners. Some word puzzles included, but avoid score, failure, limits, etc. stresses upfront for the delicate minds of kids.

#2: Motion Math: Fractions!

Motion Math: Fractions!


Target Audience:

Preschool & School Children

Education Area:

Math Games

iPad App Developer Team:

Motion Math


Recent research on learning has suggested that when learner’s body is connected with abstract concept, it may deepen understanding therefore it is known as embodied cognition method in education research. Based on these, iPad app developers at Stanford School of Education have developed Motion Math HD with a concept.

In this iPad app, a star falls from far away galaxy in space. Now, players have to send it back at home by moving fractions in their correct place on the number line. Thus, star can move up through different successful levels and return to its home.

Seeing progressing star, sound and star effects, exclamation (with Yes!, or Perfect!, sounds) reward players to solve problems in engaging and intuitive ways.

#3: Monster Physics

Monster PhysicsTarget Audience:

Preschool & School Children

Education Area:

Physics Games

iPad App Developer Team:

Freecloud Design Inc.


This unique building app has won 2012 Editor’s Choice Award. It lets you play with physics so you can build cars, cranes, space shuttles, propellers, canons, magnets, claws, wings, and many more physical bodies in your imagination.

You can connect parts, weld them, and turn into live physical body through rendering it with in-built physics engine. You can actually operate them in real-time so you can simulate car riding, crane operating, rocket guiding in virtual spaces.

This app comes with 50 missions to solve with mind-bending challenges. Thus, it builds creative-thinking skills of users along with fun and excitements.

#4: This is my body – Anatomy for Kids

This is my body – Anatomy for Kids

Target Audience:

Preschool & School Children

Education Area:


iPad App Developer Team:

Medical doctors, educators, and parents along with team of developers


What children love in their body? This app provide answer when you handover app and let them explore the basic anatomy and functions of human body. They will learn through connecting parts, moving them and solving real world problems though this game play.

This app teaches children how fast we grow, how our skin protect us, how our five sense work, how does your internal bio systems like respiratory, circulatory, muscular, nervous, and skeleton work and are formed.

This is fun for all ages, just curiosity and no stress though challenges. Therefore, this app has won Red Dot Award, Annual Media Award, iF Design Award, and Best of Education award offered by Apple in its short history.

#5: Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free

Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free

Target Audience:

Preschool & School Children

Education Area:


iPad App Developer Team:



This app changing the way people learn languages. It supports multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and many more.

This app has won the title of Apple’s 2013 App of the Year due to its short lesson blocks, which are painless, peppy, and engaging by reaching at the next level and excite users to achieve the next ones.

If you have fallen into the love of such outstanding educational apps for iPad users, and wish to have one on your own credit in Apple store, Mindinventory is the best choice to hire iPad developers at premium rates.

As Mindinventory has developed Art Studio, Animals – Games for Kids, PeekaBoo, and Paul Roos like educational apps for iPad users with excellent user experiences and the best usability.


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