Making Your App Faster – The 9 Must Knows

Making Your App Faster – The 9 Must KnowsUser experience drives in engagement and a lot depends on how fast users can access your app. While it’s important that the app is of the right size – nobody like to download an app of hundreds of MB’s unless it’s something they know they really need – you need to focus on another aspect as well. How well does your app run for users?

In order to engage your users and ensure that your app’s charm stays intact, it is important that you release app updates from time to time. Even if the update is just removing bugs or solving problems, the users and the app store feel that you are committed to stay current and you easily win the users trust.

Here are 9 ways that can help you make your app updates matter.

  1. Be clear – When it comes to discussing the benefits, try to stay clear and non-technical as much as you can as unlike old users, new users will not understand the technicalities.
  2. Excite the users – Be it a bug fix or a simple update, try to excite the user by either using humor or explaining the benefits that the user will get with the bug fix offered.
  3. Check for bugs – In order to check for any bugs in the update itself, release the update to a few users with the help of beta testing before releasing to all the users
  4. Don’t overdo it – If you overdo the features and add on tons of them, you might just end up losing the original concept making users dissatisfied and the app difficult to use.
  5. Be precise – No one likes to read lengthy pointers especially if it is related to app updates. Stay crisp, to-the-point and use bullets if need be.
  6. Support email – If you haven’t done this yet, do it today! Add a support email in the app description to help users reach out to your for any kind of help.
  7. Focus on reviews and feedback – The reviews and feedback from your users help you understand what they want updated and what kind of style to own when writing updates.
  8. Redesign the app – If you feel that it is time to give the app a new look, redesign the app and make it look a little more stylish in the next update.
  9. Take in new features – Many a times, your app might benefit from the new features released by a 3rd party company. Take in these features to offer added value to the users and keep them happy.

It’s really important that you can the right app updates to drive in performance and increase engagement. mobile app development company like mindinventory can help you to design apps that work great and are just perfect for your business.


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