The Must Knows For Building a Successful App

Building a Successful App

The factors which result in success of a mobile app are the same as the ones which are targeted at consumers. All sort of apps contain similar traits when it comes to factors for both failure and success and knowing the right factors and implementing them in your app will help make it a success instantly.

Did you know that not even one quarter of the apps made break even? Your app idea might be great but if you do not know the basics, it won’t take a lot of time before your app slips into oblivion. An important thing to note is that you will have to focus on the tried and tested methods apart from trying out newer things. This way, you can fall back onto something even if the newer and innovative approaches do not work.

It’s important to be flexible!

With the world of mobile apps changing constantly, a developer should not restrict himself to a specific set of skills or concepts and be ready to accept change as it comes. Here are some factors which are important for a successful app.

1. Make it easy and simple

An app which is easy to use and simple allows the user to spend a lot of time on it. As a developer you need to understand that mobile app users are impatient and prefer a clutter-free experience and a little bit of technicality results in the user searching for a simpler app.

2. Always be relevant

Always remember not to cluster the user’s mobile with irrelevant or useless information and focus on what the user really wants. If you want to make your app successful and interesting offer relevant content only.

3. Localize the app

If an app is localized and focuses on the context which the user reads or views in relation to the place they are in, it grasps the user’s attention immediately and he becomes more interested in it. Providing localized and timely information makes the user feel close to the app.

4. Add information to the app regularly

If your content stays the same for days and weeks to come, chances are that users will get bored of your app very soon and do away with it, looking for apps with newer and updated contents. Update information regularly and come up with new data whenever possible.

5. Do not stick to one version for any operating system

As you might have noticed, a good and successful app will offer a different app for every different platform and this is what helps increase share of users and popularity. Allow the app to take maximum advantage of each of the operating systems by offering all the features and functionalities possible.

6. Instantaneous call to action

In order for an app to be a success, its user must be able to go where he wants or what he wants to do instantly. He or she should not feel confused about the next action to take when using the app or they might just shift to another one!

7. Easy-to-share

Your users must be able to share stuff from your app on to social platforms easily as this makes the app popular and a favorite amongst users and they enjoy using it.

8. Great graphics designing

Your app must boast of a good graphic design which passes on your brand message and reveals to the user that your app is high on utility. Work on quality graphics to captivate the user’s eyes and make him used to the great designing with time.

9. Engaging user experience

A mobile app is made for various purposes and can perform various tasks at the press of a button be it playing audio, games or videos, voice chat, posting a comment and lots more. The more tasks your app can perform and the more features it can offer, the more popular it will get. Use interactive features to engage users so that they can think of nothing but your app!

10. Do not forget security

Depending on the kind of data stored on the device and how your app connects to it, it is of utmost importance that you provide utmost security to your users and ensure that all their data remains safe and secure at all times.

It’s a great idea to do things one step at a time. This will ensure that you’re on track and keep a record of what’s happening. Your app has to be built from scratch and you need to be involved in each step of the way. Do not forget the basics and you’re sure to fare better than your competitors.

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