Why Watch Apps Not Simplified Versions of Mobile Apps

Watch Apps Not Simplified Versions of Mobile Apps

Today wearable devices are trendy and people rush to hire app developers for their exclusive and unique needs. Every client has app expectations such as good look & feel, functional, and with the best user experiences.

Crafting those all is undoubtedly daunting even for a seasoned mobile app developers. Reasons are obvious. It is “form factors” and “intimate interface” put watch apps into the personal concierge of mobile apps attached.

Watch app, certainly not, an independent entity as the mobile app is. Of course, the watch app has to rely on the attached mobile app for the sake of the connectivity, extended display, and additional CPU power. It doesn’t mean that a watch app is an extended version of the mobile app and developed with mobile app development mindset.

Therefore, when you hire the team of watch app developers who are technically mobile app developers at first place and carry the same mindset for the watch app development, your chances of failures are more.

Recalibration of Watch App Development Concepts

If your watch app development team has recalibrated the thinking with following realizations, chances are high to achieve success.

  1. The watch app developers should know the differences between the designing a phone app and designing a watch app at designers as well as programmers’ point of views.
  2. In watch app, the home screen is not a key screen as it is in the case of the smartphone or tablet.
  3. Filtering the notifications according to their importance is essential.
  4. Watch app developers should learn extensive customization of the app by departing from the standard templates to carve their own niche and rapport.
  5. Developers should learn how to create a watch app rapidly when developing from the scratch so all sorts of innovations become possible.

Watch App is Not Simplified Version of Mobile App

Seasoned and experienced mobile app developers, like Mindinventory team has, know well that how the desktop app is differing from the smartphone app. Similarly, translating smartphone app into tablet experiences is not possible.

Therefore, based on the previous experiences, we can’t say that our mobile information architecture will work on the watch app. We can’t promise the same user experiences can be translated on the watch app that we used to design on a mobile app with the same strategies, methodologies, and technologies.

On watch apps, designing, programming, and use-case landscapes are altogether different things. Therefore, your hire mobile app developer team, which is going to design your watch app should accustom with new patterns of interaction on the watch and other wearable devices.

Of course, the harnessing of the power of devices and designing the seamless user experiences to balance information, intimacy, and interruption is challenging. The  mobile app developer team at Mindinventory can translate your ideas beautifully on mobile apps as well as on the relevant wearable app too.


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