Achieving Usability and Aesthetic Simultaneously in iPad App Content

In comparison to iPhone, the iPad is a bigger screen device with many special use cases. The bigger screen offers not only a more real estate for textual content but also elicit visual impacts with multimedia content like images and videos.

iPad App Content

Therefore, designers for iPad UI in the iPad app development projects are tempting to add more visual content along with in-depth textual content. Designers are aware of the emotional power of images when they are relevant with textual info.

Usability Issues

Unfortunately, many designers forget the possibility of the usability issues may arise while making the combination of text and image in iPad apps.

For instance, when an image is placed with the intention to make it the background image for a text block or several small text blocks. The readability issues arise due to poor contracts and wrong choices of text colors.

Contrast Ratio

When contrast between texts and background image is too low, it ends up with poor readability. Smart iPad app designers avert such situations simply by increasing contrast color ratio up to 3:1 for text to the background.


The different parts of an image have different shades so smart iPad app designers find out lighter shade areas to place darker texts and darker image areas for light colored texts.

Of course, they have to mitigate text location issues with its importance and relevancy. This technique is working well for the small text boxes, headlines, or labels. Designers can place headlines either at the bottom part of the background image or on the top of the image. This way the importance of the main part of the image remains intact at the center or on one side.

Image Fading Effects

If your image is lacking such different shades or blocks, there are some photo editing techniques to improve the readability without compromise with the aesthetic of the image or overall screen in the iPad application UI.

For instance, the fading effect can be created with blurring techniques, radial gradient overlay effects, etc. these ways iPad app UI designers darken the images for overlaying texts and create visually stunning effects on the minds of onlookers.

It is not necessary to apply the fading effect on the entire images, but designers can select the best areas and simply put a layer of an overlay in between the image and texts to highlight the texts by darkening the background.

Thus, the blurring of the portion of the photo over which the texts or a text block is displayed, immediately minimizing the aesthetic issues of the photo and enhance the text readability along with the user experiences.

Of course, iPad app designers have to select the blurring ration or color contrast ratio like 4:5:1 for smaller texts or block and 3:1 for larger fonts like for the headlines or labels.


If you want to keep usability intact without affecting the aesthetic of your iPad app design, you need to have the excellent team of iPad app designers  from Mindinventory so you can get work done without much tradeoffs and cost in bonus.


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