Great Tips To Create Effective And Good-looking App Screenshots

There are more than 3 million apps in the leading app stores. In this large indefinite amount of data, if you want your app to be found, known and download by users, you have to create effective app screenshots. For this reason, we have elaborated top five things below, which should know:

App Screenshots

Great App Icon And Title

“First impression is the last impression” and this holds true in the creating app screenshot. App icon and title are very important part of app screen shot because when app users see your app icon and title with app category, they start to build assumptions about the user experience, how pleasurable this going to be to use and how well will it serve user needs. If your app icon looks great, it is reasonable to take for granted that the rest of the app is also well crafted. If you live in a major metropolitan city, then you’re well-familiar with Uber, an ride sharing service company that’s available at the tap of a button, bringing a car to your location. Uber is a free app with a great app icon, available in the Google Play, Apple App Store,and even in BlackBerry’s App World.

Most of the users don’t read the full app description before making their choice, so keep as a rule to put the most important stuff on top. What to avoid? Typos and grammatical errors, Being too technical, etc.

App description

You have to be aware of one thing that is for people visiting your app page on an iPhone / iPad, or desktop computer only the first 2-3 lines of your app store description are directly visible, along with your app icon and  1 or 2 app screenshots. Therefore, try to put the most important information there, such as a sentence that states clearly what your app does or why it’s better than other apps available in the market (Same Category).

Most of the users don’t read full app description before making their choice, so keep as a rule to put the most important stuff on top. What to avoid? Typos and grammatical errors, being too technical, etc.

Use All 5 Accessible Screenshots

As you can upload a total of 5 screenshots on the App Store, so use all screenshots to show the various features and advantages of your app. If you upload 1 only, then it is something like painting a scenery and leaving four-fifths of the canvas blank.

Add Simplification To Screenshots

Must use 1 or 2 lines of text to express the major benefit of the app screenshot you’re showing off as well as the different functions and purposes of your app or how to use it. Keep in mind that app users tend to look at the app screenshots and read a few lines. So, use it in order to convince users to download your app.

Use The Right Image Size

Upload correct size images for the devices your app is compatible with. For this, you can take help from the iOS Developer Library as it has a great guide to these image sizes. Also, always upload high-quality PNG or JPG image files and stick to the sizing guide as it will make sure that your images are unpixelated or crisp on fancy retina screens.

You Can Go For Any Of The Following Size

  • 640 * 920 pixels for hi-res portrait minimum without status bar
  • 640 * 960 pixels for hi-res portrait maximum full screens
  • 960 * 600 pixels for hi-res landscape minimum without status bar
  • 960 * 640 pixels for hi-res landscape minimum full screens

Remember, use only your app screen shot instead of fake images or copy rights images.

Always Create High-Quality Visuals

Anyone who wants the app to be character-driven, then make the first screenshot about a character that is visually fascinating. Be true about your zeal to promote your app and ensure the first screenshot pulls the viewer in. Also, there are many tools you can use to turn your screenshots into something a bit more polished, for example, Screenshot Maker Pro, Promotee and PlaceIt, which can save your time when working in Photoshop.

Also, Show visitors what it will be like to use your app, Show off your newest features, Provide a mini-tutorial.

I hope these above mentioned tips will help you create effective app screenshots. If I’ve missed anyone, please be sure to leave a reply in the comment’s section.

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