Top Challenges in Enterprise Mobility for Mobile App Developers

Enterprises constitute people, process, and technologies. Technologies help the people-employees and customers to ease the process to address the end goals.

Enterprise Mobility

Therefore, today computing devices in different forms, applications, and networks are encouraging people attached to an enterprise such as employees, contractors, and customers or consumers of the products of the enterprise to use the latest technologies including mobiles and cloud computing technologies to accomplish the tasks of business.

Mobility Challenges of Enterprises
Since yesterday, enterprises were thriving on the intranet and the Internet with strict firewalls. Closed and wired networks were easing the tasks of IT department to manage enterprise security nicely.

Today, enterprises have new challenges in forms of mobile devices and wireless networks. Employees are moving with their client devices, and mobile networks/Internet and cloud technologies help them to give easy access to enterprise IT system and its databases.

Security as the Biggest Challenge
BYOD has snatched one more hope of controlled IT environment by introducing massive fragmentations in hardware as well as software/OS. Therefore, security, a prime concern in enterprise mobility has challenged and responsibility extended up to the mobile app developers to mitigate the security issues right from the development stages.

The best way to cope with security issues is to take multiple way approaches including managing apps rather than the devices and an excellent Mobile Application Management solution mitigate the problem beautifully. It is the thing that mobile app developers can focus right on the designing and development stage.

Operational Swiftness & Data Accessibility
Data accessibility is significant to make an informed decision at each level, and it is the prime concern of the IT department when it focuses on the performance.

Enterprises have some static data while many live data, which are updating in real-time and their access in real-time making big senses for CESs and managerial level of employees.

Therefore, secure access of enterprise data poses a significant challenge to the IT department as well as for the mobile developers who design apps to share the data inside as well as outside of the enterprise firewalls.

Operational swiftness is for the better performance. For consistent performance, backup is essential, and the emergency help of app developers are mandatory in adverse circumstances.

Beating Fragmentations
In enterprises, BYOD is the cause of hardware and OS fragmentations when mobility has implemented. It has seen that platform fragmentation is becoming pain point in 50% cases for the mobile developers and absorbs the investment budget dearly to develop different apps for different native platform compatibility.

In Android apps, it becomes acute and daunting when testing efficiencies concern more. Therefore, beating fragmentation issues demands experts and experienced team or company of the mobile application developers highly.

Strong Network Infrastructure
Consistent mobile network and Internet accessibility are things of the foundation of the success in enterprise mobility. Therefore, IT department has to work extra on the network architecture design before designing and programming any mobility solutions for the enterprise.

It is imperative to streamline the entire system when some components are working remotely in the field or customers connecting from the offshore destinations of the multiple locations at a time.

For consistent growth of the enterprise, meeting the mobility challenges from the advanced and legacy system users is significant. It is the expectations of customers on one hand, and employees at other hand pose tricky issues for the mobile developers. They have to address at security fronts and performance fronts.

If you have highly experienced, and talented team of mobile app developers, designers, business analysts, UX developers, and QA professionals your ball of success may roll smoothly. It is a team of Mindinventory, which is capable of taking enterprise mobility challenges seriously with the desired level of success.

Therefore, if you have any plan for the mobility solutions for your small to large-scale business, organization, or enterprise, we welcome you to discuss it with our team at the first place.


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