The Past, Present and Future of Social Media Apps

The very fact that you have landed on this page proves that you definitely have some social media apps installed on your mobile devices. And why not? The accentuated growth of almost every app that pertains to social media is reason enough for you being one of those addicted to them. Social media apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook etc. have revolutionized the way communication happens; both on personal and business fronts.

social media apps

Before we get into the future for social media apps, let us take a quick look at what has happened till now.

What happened in the past?
Hope everyone still remembers days when flirting or chatting was done across emails, or chat rooms in Yahoo. People were hooked onto such chat rooms and connecting with strangers and even known people took a completely new turn.

What is the current phase of social media apps?
Now consider the current times. Nothing has changed much. People still chat with strangers and known people; however, the mediums of these chats have changed. Social media apps have sprung up in a frenzy and have impacted the way communication happens these days. Some may even go to the extent to claim that the past year can be easily said as a period of social apps that include dating and mobile messaging.

So does this mean we have had everything already squeezed out of this media app boom? The answer is NO. People are spending more and more time on social media apps and the number of users is growing. And with features and functionality getting enhanced with passing days, users are up for a bonanza of sorts. In spite of this strong and vibrant surge in use of these apps, it can be still said that these are just the primary steps and a huge revolution is yet in the making.

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What does the future behold?
Well, coming to the actual intent of this post, beyond today, you can expect the industry for social media apps erupting like never before. Communications can take a completely different perspective and people will be using these apps more. You can expect slangs evolving due to this increased use of social media apps.

Wordings such as “Our first meeting was decided on Facebook” or maybe “I am used to just Tinder for travel related aspects” will definitely seem like an everyday instance. With desires of people ever increasing and the want for more ease in communications and social messaging always building, the app developers too are on the threshold of a more intense battle to grab share of dedicated users for their apps.

With more mergers and acquisitions expected post Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp, the battlefield is sure to get more intense and stiff. This spells good for everyone though. Right from the end consumer, to businesses leveraging the strength of these social media apps, to the app makers themselves; all are in for something better.

With apps like WeChat reaching newer pastures by dishing out new features every now and then and Facebook making its developer platform open to allow developers the chance of developing over their API, along with letting publishers distribute content; everything is changing briskly. Google too is rumored to be in the process of stepping into this space soon.

What’s in store for whom?
All the above mentioned aspects and future predictions and possibilities explain one very important factor; social media apps are definitely slated to re-write the way communication happens globally. These apps have the strength to either be the digital platforms themselves for communications or enhance the already existing strength of available platforms for delivering convenience, emotional value and continual communications or interactions.

All this spells good for businesses as well as end consumers. Consumers on their part are in for enhanced experiences of using these social media apps, while businesses can grab the immense opportunities with regards to marketing that these apps will open up for them. The only aspect to keep in mind is to always remain alert and stay updated on all the happenings in this sector.

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Businesses need to understand that end consumers will not be visiting their websites like the old times; rather, they will prefer using apps. So reaching these consumers where they are more likely going to be available is the key. Especially, audiences are skyrocketing for these apps in emerging markets and hence, business opportunities too are getting dished out profusely.

It has been seen that businesses are yet to jump the bandwagon of promotions across messaging or chat apps. This space or this sector can be still considered as nascent. However, with increasing awareness, the future will definitely witness a surge in businesses leveraging this space to hit their consumers at the right place and time.

With more businesses likely to enter the space of advertising across social media apps, consumers can expect a fierce competition which will eventually mean more features and innovative concepts being developed.

Final Words
So overall, it is a pretty good scene for everyone. The future of social media apps is due to be enhanced completely. The primary intent of how interactions across online platforms began is sure to reach a stage where innovation will produce excellence.


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