Developing an App? Here are the Mistakes to Avoid

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For most of us, developing an app only means concentrating on the app lifecycle. While developing any app is challenging, most of us flounder because we have been committing the same mistake, time and time again.

Most app entrepreneurs use Android and iOS systems for business promotion – most apps have advertisements in them. It helps developers earn revenue while pushing down the cost of the app.

App development has gained significant popularity due to increasing demand for new and quality apps. Here are the benefits that iOS or Android app development gives to business around the world:

–    Giving new way to earn more money
–    Improved and fast marketing to the targeted audience
–    Increase the number people use or favor your brand
–    Much better relationship between customer and you

Mistakes developers make
You need to focus on the quality to have a great app to present. Many iPhone app development companies make many mistakes, which turns out hazardous for their app and business.

Here are some mistakes developers make
–    App developer often believes in a complicated design and menu to impress users. You need to be user-friendly – that has to be your priority.
–    Too much monetization units in the app can drive away customers.
–    Zero UX testing means less user-friendly app.
–    Preferring branding over usability is hazardous for a business
–    No throughout marketing strategy.

Avoiding mistakes
Programmer or Designer can solve every technical problem. The only thing required is knowledge and experience. Before all the technical process, you must know what you are making and how it will help you, customers. The app must always solve the problems of your users. It must belong to a niche and not combination of several things.

Once you are sure about what you are going to develop, get the best team that has the experience and knowledge to create such app. You can hire iPhone app developer that understands what you want. While your app is under development, get a good marketing strategy in place to market you app. Marketing entirely depends on you app or targeted audience.

A good idea is necessary, but a good approach and strategy makes it possible. Hence, understand the market, and users need to get the successful app.


Google ASO A Puzzle for Android App Developer

app store optimization for android app developerIf we consider recent era as mobile era recent statistics on mobile app marketplaces are confirming it because Google Play has 1.3 million apps while Apple store is blooming with 1.2 million apps. Thus, mobile application users are happy with it as they have good opportunities to select the wide range of applications with desired quality and with bargaining.

Unfortunately, these big figures hence great competitions are posing great challenges for developers and entrepreneurs who think of some good fortunes from the app market places. As we have seen above that Google Play store is enjoying top position in number game, getting ranking and grabbing huge download are definitely require App Store Optimization (ASO) talents from Android developer side or say for the Android app development marketer side.

If you are not familiar with ASO let me explain it in simple terms that just like Search Engine Optimization, you have to obey the search algorithm of Google Play Store. Unfortunately, just like general search engines, none knows the exact and real algorithm of Google Play store so we have to rely on general assumptions and experiences of marketers who are getting success in the market consistently, not occasionally.

Let’s explore what has been said by experts and top rankers about the Play store success formula.

Technique #1: Keyword Optimization

Some recent surveys on the Play store have revealed that there are 300% increase in download of apps, which have righteously done keyword optimization. Now, question is what are the techniques to do right keyword optimization for Google Play store? There is a big volume of content has been written on this subject, but we can extract it as:

  • Relevancy of keywords with the purpose of your app and the keywords should clarify that what your Android app about is.
  • Thorough keyword research is mandatory to find out right keywords for your app and you should use the latest keyword research tools such as:
    • Wordstream
    • Sensor Tower
    • Wordpot
    • AppCodes
    • Ninja Search Combination Tool
  • After broad keyword research, narrow down selection by keeping only relevant and high traffic volume keywords as well as segregate them further to apply in app title and app description in Play store.

Technique #2: Title Optimization

  • Create unique, relevant, comprehensive, and intuitive title by infusing your top or primary keyword/s.
  • Make title short enough to deliver your core message regarding app.
  • Avoid use of general terms or their misspellings in the title.

Technique #3: Description Optimization

  • Deliver only the things that your users want and for that do enough prior research of audience as well as its requirements.
  • Place the most vital text “above the fold” for better visibility and review it in Google Play.
  • Apply same SEO Best Practices in your Description that you apply for a website or web application on the web.
  • Best practice: use your keywords 5 times in your app description.
  • Respect the Google Play Content Policies regarding SPAM and IP Infringement such as keyword spamming, impersonation, etc.

Technique #4: Promo Text Optimization

Only provide very short and one-line texts/description of your app experience. Try to add as much as possible reviews with five star ratings. In due course, you can use your social media campaign to collect quality reviews from real customers.

Remember that reviews not only improve the rating, but also attract more and quality traffic to get sure conversion.

Technique #5: Appearance Optimization

In order to stand out in search results, categories, and featured app lists, you need to create great app icons, images, and awesome sets of screenshots help make your app

Take screenshots that depicts the best parts of you app and appear as if they’re running on a device as well as add artwork overlay if possible

Technique #6: Do Localization in Globalization

Take help of automated machine translations of Store Listings that Google provides. Thus, you can attract the local targeted audience besides international audience. Tweak local language with human translators if possible to appeal the local and variety of cultures.

Technique #7: UX Design

  • Create the great user experience by building the long lasting and meaningful experience
  • Provide good customer support and services by quickly responding to your users for their queries and addressing their issues immediately
  • Encourage your actual users to provide you positive feedback in the form of ratings and comments
  • Take regular updates by maintaining and improving your app

If you are in search of such experienced and trained team of Android app developers to get good ranking and obtain high ROI in Google Play store, Mindinventory and its team of android app developers  is the best and wise idea to hire for your dream Play store adventure.


Tips For Developers On How to Make Trailers for Applications

While developing an application, you may wonder how you can present your app to a wider spectrum of users. Reaching out to a wider audience ensures that you get more returns on investment as well as increase brand value.

Tips For Developers On How to Make Trailers for Applications

Showcasing your app trailer

Advertisement is the best way to go forward, and you can advertise your app with images, screenshots, and videos. One of the most effective ways to advertise is by making a trailer of your app. Trailers allow you to present the best features of your app and bring specific things together that might create interest among the users. Here few tips that will help you make a trailer for your application.

1. Find the budget

The First thing you must know about trailers is that it will cost you; hence you must accommodate a budget for the trailer. This budget will you hire professionals who can create trailer according to your needs.

2. Keep it short and sweet

Trailers are short, and it must impress users in short time. People have a short attention span, so make sure you app trailer is exciting, interesting and intriguing. The usual time frame of a trailer is around 35 seconds to as much as 120 seconds. Such short times demands you to hook the watchers from beginning to the end.

3. Decide on the script

The script would be the most important factor for your app trailer. The script will act as a guideline for trailer makers to know your ideas and your requirements. Consider writing a script of 30 second or more. The script must contain all the detail you want to see on the trailer.

4. Concentrate on the audio

Audio will be another important aspect of your trailer, hence try to use an audio track that fits perfect for the video. In addition, it also serves your app’s character. Use professional to add quality audio for the trailer.

5. Try out few texts

In addition to video and audio, try to introduce few texts that showcase the features of your app. Try to provide all the important features in a concise text structure. It is quite possible that few people will not understand the app from the trailer; this text will allow them know the app much better.

While designing and developing a quality app is essential, don’t forget to market your app effectively. Trailers are a great way to get noticed. These tips try will help you in promoting your app once it is released in the market.

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The iPad App Development Basics – Things to Remember by Heart

How much have you invested in mobile app development? As an app developer, it is important to understand what makes each app different. How do you start your app development process?

iPad app development

If you’re looking to develop apps for Apple, understand that you need to get into the Apple cycle then. Here are some pointers that can come in handy during developing apps for Apple’s iOS.

1. Mac is quintessential for developing any app for iPhone and iPad. So if you are already accustomed with Mac, that’s a lucky bid as there is no other way to create and test an app for iPad other than Mac. Many of our developers do not know Mac thoroughly, and that can cost you dearly if you land up with a well-paid iOS app development project.

2. Buy an iPad. Although there are a number of simulators where you can check the newly created iPad apps, it will never give the accurate result as that when checked in iPad. This is crucial especially when you are developing a commercial app that otherwise can be checked over the simulators.

3. Xcode is very different from Visual Studio and Eclipse. So even if you are a master of these, learning Xcode will be mandatory for iPad app development.

4. Also, you can learn about the cross platforms like MonoTouch, PhoneGap, HTML5, Titanium in case Objective-C and Xcode are not very comfortable options. Using this knowledge can also help you create apps using the different sources.

5. Create your own developer account in iTunes App Store. The process can take as long as two weeks to get approved. From the various kinds of accounts available, you can choose whichever to go for. For freelancer app developers, the personal account is the best option. An Enterprise account will be suitable for those developers who are linked with organizations or working in groups.

6. However, if you are creating iPad apps just for the sake of development, no developer account is needed. This is because the iOS simulator or the Xcode can be downloaded without the requirement of any account.

7. iPad is not just a larger smartphone. Bigger iPad screen allows for more experimentation, and the UI design it demands is completely different than the iPhone. So be ready iPad app development gives scope for more innovation.

iPad mobile app development is easy if you know the basics. Apple wants you to understand its ecosystem before you’re able to develop apps for it. Newer technologies like Swift might seem tough at first but then it’s something that you’re investing in.



Hire iPhone developer to Design Robust Motion on Your App

Today our digital world is becoming more real by simulating real life things on our all sorts of computing devices including iPhone like smartphones. In earlier versions of iPhone and iOS, we were relying on Vow effects where many unnatural things were running on the tiny screen of iPhone, be it in native apps or in web apps or responsive websites.

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On the step of evolution, we are now have iPhone capable to process lots of heavy interactions and animations while iOS is supporting new designing paradigm and our modern browsers eventually supporting CSS animation in absence of Flash. If we take modern responsive websites running on iPhone on consideration, this post will become more relevant for the designers or iPhone developers who are going to craft motion on your app.

Motion in Early Days of Web
With advent of iPhone, Flash became obsolete and a big vacuum arose for motion design on the web. Fortunately, Apple and others have supported evolution of HTML5 and CSS3 like pure web technologies to become an integral part of mobile landscape since the early days and consequently mobile web app as well as greater support for mobile friendly responsive web design came in to the picture.

Motion in Today’s Web
Today HTML5 has immense capabilities to support multimedia components along with the hardware acceleration capacities of iPhone while CSS is key element to thrive for motion designing and separating logics/code from presentation i.e. from text/content. Today almost all mobile browsers including Safari of iPhone are supporting CSS and its animations properties.

This evolution of CSS has changed the interface design, performances, and brought more real life simulations on the tiny screens of iPhone and other mobiles. If we look at real life examples in modern screens of the latest versions of iPhone, we may find following happening on the screens.

Layers in UI Designing
The concept of layer had pushed in iOS7 and it is now become the most used interface element in web as well as in app UI designs. At motion design point of view layer has not much movement except when they animated as animate in and animate out movement. Layers keep context of existing screen or web page intact when appear with a smooth transition and provide temporary space for contextual content in relation to displayed screen. Thus, the minds of users think less and understand more with the least efforts.

Contextual Menus or Windows in UI Designing
We have two kinds of screen transitions: permanent and temporary. In permanent transition web jump from one screen to another and never return to the left one. Whereas in temporary transition we have some temporary forms of user interfaces, which help us to display content or UI elements relevant to the present screen and ready to disappear again when its purposes solved.
For instance, popup windows, model windows, drawer menus, tooltips menus or onboarding UI design, etc. are good examples of modern contextual menus or  windows to serve us temporary and providing extra spaces for extra content in desired contexts. Recently, Gmail and Facebook apps are excellently using drawer menus in different contexts and offer highly personalized experiences to their users.

SPA in UI Designing
In above examples, we have seen transitions and animation within a page or app, but what about when entire page transits from one to another and a gap become apparent between them. Moreover, entire page transition consumes more CPU power and distracts UX at the end. Therefore, modern web and mobile app designers are leaning towards single page application designing where everything takes place in a single page using modern animated temporary screens or windows described in above examples.

In all such smooth transitions and animations, CSS is playing vital role and if you need to give excellent user experiences and usability in your web or mobile app designing using aforementioned techniques and technologies you need to hire solid team of iPhone app developers. Perhaps Mindinventory is the best choice of mobile app development company available in the market.

Making money from Free Apps – Gearing Up for to Big Game for Developers

Ever wondered why people love to buy an iPhone? Leave aside the fact that Apple’s products speak of innovation and quality – let’s focus on what interests customers when using a product – the user experience.

mobile app developer Apps galore

One of the reasons is definitely the plethora of alluring options of downloading free apps. It wouldn’t be wrong to be name these app developers the King Midas of the 21st century where the apps are the digital gold. Having said that, this is the major reason why hundreds of apps developer submits their work in the app store. Although a popular app can fetch millions in a month, but there are some strict rules and regulations which are not very easy to bypass. So, while some of the app developers strictly follow the rules others are ignorant enough to overlook them and repeat the same project.

Making money with free apps

So how the mobile app developers are making money with the free apps?

For a newbie developer, you need to focus on the following steps to be a successful app developer –

Become a registered Apple developer by signing in the link –

With the completion of the registration procedure, the next step is to enroll as the developer program by Apple. This step is chargeable at $99 per year.

What can you do?

First, be aware of Apple’s guidelines when it comes to creating apps – including the type of apps it accepts. Once the registration is completed, login and the password are created. With this, you can create your profile for app distribution and development. Also, it is essential to generate certificate for the apps.

Next, with the ‘manage you apps’ section, the developer can click on the ‘add new app’ option where he will be asked to fill up forms and the other mandatory information which will share the details of the application and the organization. He also needs to upload the screen shot of the app icon and the application.

As the details are saved, the developer can click on the ‘view more details’ and answer the binary questions present there. Once it’s completed, it should be saved. Next, the app can be uploaded via xCode. However, you need to wait for the approval from the Apple. If unapproved, Apple will send a mail focusing on the reasons for rejection. Most apps that adhere to Apple’s guidelines are approved unless Apple finds something amiss or are concerned about an arena.