Achieving Usability and Aesthetic Simultaneously in iPad App Content

In comparison to iPhone, the iPad is a bigger screen device with many special use cases. The bigger screen offers not only a more real estate for textual content but also elicit visual impacts with multimedia content like images and videos.

iPad App Content

Therefore, designers for iPad UI in the iPad app development projects are tempting to add more visual content along with in-depth textual content. Designers are aware of the emotional power of images when they are relevant with textual info.

Usability Issues

Unfortunately, many designers forget the possibility of the usability issues may arise while making the combination of text and image in iPad apps.

For instance, when an image is placed with the intention to make it the background image for a text block or several small text blocks. The readability issues arise due to poor contracts and wrong choices of text colors.

Contrast Ratio

When contrast between texts and background image is too low, it ends up with poor readability. Smart iPad app designers avert such situations simply by increasing contrast color ratio up to 3:1 for text to the background.


The different parts of an image have different shades so smart iPad app designers find out lighter shade areas to place darker texts and darker image areas for light colored texts.

Of course, they have to mitigate text location issues with its importance and relevancy. This technique is working well for the small text boxes, headlines, or labels. Designers can place headlines either at the bottom part of the background image or on the top of the image. This way the importance of the main part of the image remains intact at the center or on one side.

Image Fading Effects

If your image is lacking such different shades or blocks, there are some photo editing techniques to improve the readability without compromise with the aesthetic of the image or overall screen in the iPad application UI.

For instance, the fading effect can be created with blurring techniques, radial gradient overlay effects, etc. these ways iPad app UI designers darken the images for overlaying texts and create visually stunning effects on the minds of onlookers.

It is not necessary to apply the fading effect on the entire images, but designers can select the best areas and simply put a layer of an overlay in between the image and texts to highlight the texts by darkening the background.

Thus, the blurring of the portion of the photo over which the texts or a text block is displayed, immediately minimizing the aesthetic issues of the photo and enhance the text readability along with the user experiences.

Of course, iPad app designers have to select the blurring ration or color contrast ratio like 4:5:1 for smaller texts or block and 3:1 for larger fonts like for the headlines or labels.


If you want to keep usability intact without affecting the aesthetic of your iPad app design, you need to have the excellent team of iPad app designers  from Mindinventory so you can get work done without much tradeoffs and cost in bonus.


Why Java & Objective-C are the Choice Application Development Languages

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Mobile apps are everywhere. So for the developer looking to create the next app, one of the biggest questions becomes: Which programming language to choose for the next project?

With most platforms having their own app languages, iOS and Android are no exception. As a developer, you should know which languages you are going to use if you are sure about which platform you’ll be deploying on.

Android & iOS: Language Lock-in
Most developers give priority to Android over iOS but the gap between them remains small with Android having a 42 percent share and iOS securing a 32 percent share. All these big platforms witness a language lock-in which means that it is all about the language priority and not just platform priority. Java is the preferred language for designing and developing Android apps whereas Objective-C is the preferred choice for iOS apps. In Android, 60 percent of the work is done in Java while in iOS, 50 percent in Objective-C.

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5 Best iPad Apps for Modern Teachers

Teaching for kindergartners to high school children are challenging in modern days because each school wishes to bring its classrooms into the 21st century. This puts modern teachers into the strenuous conditions to do something outstanding.

Modern teachers know well that their pupils have great craze for modern gadgets, particularly smartphones and tablets. No doubt, smartphones have many constraints to prove useful in education niche, but tablets are obvious winners here.

Therefore, Apple has initiated special moves to make iPad a part of modern education in American regions offering decent incentives to its users belonging to education fields. Keeping the buzz in mind, many iPad app development companies have jumped into the bandwagon of iPad app development for educational purposes. Thus, you can find very useful iPad apps created and published in Apple App Store or iTunes Store in substantial amount.

Let’s pick some of them, with different purpose, in modern teaching.

#1: Endless Reader

Endless Reader appTarget Audience:

Preschool & School Children

Education Area:

Word Recognition

iPad App Developer Team:



For speed learning, kids should recognize words by sight. Therefore, if animation, color, texture, etc. have been added in the formation of a word, instead of mere textual fonts, kids will immediately engage with it and grasp the words rapidly.

Keeping these behavioral facts in mind, passionate artists and dedicated engineers have developed this iPad app at Originator Inc. this app ultimately avoid messing with unusual spellings that give tough time to kids to be sounded by simple phonetics knowledge at this age.

In this iPad app, delightful animations are included to reinforce sight recognition of words in highly funny and interactive manners. Some word puzzles included, but avoid score, failure, limits, etc. stresses upfront for the delicate minds of kids.

#2: Motion Math: Fractions!

Motion Math: Fractions!


Target Audience:

Preschool & School Children

Education Area:

Math Games

iPad App Developer Team:

Motion Math


Recent research on learning has suggested that when learner’s body is connected with abstract concept, it may deepen understanding therefore it is known as embodied cognition method in education research. Based on these, iPad app developers at Stanford School of Education have developed Motion Math HD with a concept.

In this iPad app, a star falls from far away galaxy in space. Now, players have to send it back at home by moving fractions in their correct place on the number line. Thus, star can move up through different successful levels and return to its home.

Seeing progressing star, sound and star effects, exclamation (with Yes!, or Perfect!, sounds) reward players to solve problems in engaging and intuitive ways.

#3: Monster Physics

Monster PhysicsTarget Audience:

Preschool & School Children

Education Area:

Physics Games

iPad App Developer Team:

Freecloud Design Inc.


This unique building app has won 2012 Editor’s Choice Award. It lets you play with physics so you can build cars, cranes, space shuttles, propellers, canons, magnets, claws, wings, and many more physical bodies in your imagination.

You can connect parts, weld them, and turn into live physical body through rendering it with in-built physics engine. You can actually operate them in real-time so you can simulate car riding, crane operating, rocket guiding in virtual spaces.

This app comes with 50 missions to solve with mind-bending challenges. Thus, it builds creative-thinking skills of users along with fun and excitements.

#4: This is my body – Anatomy for Kids

This is my body – Anatomy for Kids

Target Audience:

Preschool & School Children

Education Area:


iPad App Developer Team:

Medical doctors, educators, and parents along with team of developers


What children love in their body? This app provide answer when you handover app and let them explore the basic anatomy and functions of human body. They will learn through connecting parts, moving them and solving real world problems though this game play.

This app teaches children how fast we grow, how our skin protect us, how our five sense work, how does your internal bio systems like respiratory, circulatory, muscular, nervous, and skeleton work and are formed.

This is fun for all ages, just curiosity and no stress though challenges. Therefore, this app has won Red Dot Award, Annual Media Award, iF Design Award, and Best of Education award offered by Apple in its short history.

#5: Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free

Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free

Target Audience:

Preschool & School Children

Education Area:


iPad App Developer Team:



This app changing the way people learn languages. It supports multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and many more.

This app has won the title of Apple’s 2013 App of the Year due to its short lesson blocks, which are painless, peppy, and engaging by reaching at the next level and excite users to achieve the next ones.

If you have fallen into the love of such outstanding educational apps for iPad users, and wish to have one on your own credit in Apple store, Mindinventory is the best choice to hire iPad developers at premium rates.

As Mindinventory has developed Art Studio, Animals – Games for Kids, PeekaBoo, and Paul Roos like educational apps for iPad users with excellent user experiences and the best usability.

How to install iOS 9 on iPhone or iPad now

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Get iOS 9 today. Install iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad now and for free. It’s simple and free to install the beta version of iOS 9 on any recent iPhone or iPad. Here’s how to get iOS 9 now on iPhone or iPad.

iOS 9

iOS 9 is the upcoming operating system for iPhone and iPad from Apple. It will launch in the Autumn for all current users of iOS 8. Find out why iOS 9 is worth caring about in our iOS 9 release date and new features article. Here we will concentrate on how to get iOS 9 early.

Get iOS 9 today: why you may not want to

Any iPhone or iPad user can install the iOS 9 beta today, should they so wish. But there are a couple of caveats. For one thing, if you don’t already have an Apple Developer account, you will need to pay $99 to register for one. More importantly, you will be installing a beta OS on your iPhone or iPad. Incomplete software releases offer an exciting glimpse of the future, but there will be bugs. And you may find that apps you use in iOs 8 don’t yet work properly in iOS 9. (See also: Best smartphones of 2015.)

And in the case of iOS 9 there is a further reason to wait. For the first time that we can recall Apple is running a public beta-testing program of its upcoming iOS 9 release. A free public beta. And that free public beta is happening at some stage in July. So the chances are that if you wait for a month you can save yourself the developer free, and install software that – whilst still a beta – is less of a bugfest than the early developer code now available. In this article we will tell you both how to get the iOS 9 beta today, and how you can get it for free in a few weeks.

Do you want to update your application to latest iOS ? Hire iPhone app developer to get solution.

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5 Things to Know Before You Release the App

5 Things to Know Before You Release the App

The app lifecycle can be huge. It all starts from conception of the app idea. Then there is the rigorous coding that follows by each round of testing. All bugs are eliminated and ensured that the app conforms to the app store policies. In the end, testers review the app thoroughly before launch to ensure that the app is free from bugs. Yet, before launching any app and its release, there are always the goose bumps.

The need for apps cannot be underestimated.

According to Forbes, more than 780 million people do not own computer or laptop but own a mobile device. However, this number is not even close to the number people who own smartphones. App development can be a huge business opportunity. However, if you are planning to release an app, then you must know a few things.

1. The Data

Look of the application is important but what is underneath is more important for its success. You must know that the application presents your business. Hence application must convey the right data. Data must be intuitive and should be presented in more organized way.

2. All Platform Compatibility

Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry, and many are used currently. If you want to take advantage of wide range of customer base, your app must be compatible to each platform. Though Android tops the chart, Microsoft and iOS are not far from it. Creating web app is good choice but it loses on the benefits of native app. Learn the skills of developing cross-platform compatibility.

3. Feedback

User feedback will be the key in app development. It does not matter if your app is good or bad. Google play and iTunes offer user feedback. Thus, you must try to answer it with your new updates. These feedbacks will ask you clear bugs, suggestions, and many more. Communicating with users to know more is a great way to create a great impression among the user.

Getting Feedback – The 10 Most Popular User Feedback Tools Today

4. Notifications

Notifications allow user to access app with ease and stay updated with new changes. Notifications deliver right information upfront. However, this feature is not necessary for every app but you must consider it with every new app development. However, make sure notification has specific purpose and not to spam it. Remember, never use notification to advertise as users get irritated. Use it for real-time messages, scores, and tracking.

5. Intuitive Design

First thing users recognize irrespective of the platform is intuitive design. As smartphone screens are smaller than webpage, you need to keep in that it must offer good user experience. The app must be fluid and offer quality function. Try to create a brand with a unique look with quality functionality.

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Tips For Developers On How to Make Trailers for Applications

While developing an application, you may wonder how you can present your app to a wider spectrum of users. Reaching out to a wider audience ensures that you get more returns on investment as well as increase brand value.

Tips For Developers On How to Make Trailers for Applications

Showcasing your app trailer

Advertisement is the best way to go forward, and you can advertise your app with images, screenshots, and videos. One of the most effective ways to advertise is by making a trailer of your app. Trailers allow you to present the best features of your app and bring specific things together that might create interest among the users. Here few tips that will help you make a trailer for your application.

1. Find the budget

The First thing you must know about trailers is that it will cost you; hence you must accommodate a budget for the trailer. This budget will you hire professionals who can create trailer according to your needs.

2. Keep it short and sweet

Trailers are short, and it must impress users in short time. People have a short attention span, so make sure you app trailer is exciting, interesting and intriguing. The usual time frame of a trailer is around 35 seconds to as much as 120 seconds. Such short times demands you to hook the watchers from beginning to the end.

3. Decide on the script

The script would be the most important factor for your app trailer. The script will act as a guideline for trailer makers to know your ideas and your requirements. Consider writing a script of 30 second or more. The script must contain all the detail you want to see on the trailer.

4. Concentrate on the audio

Audio will be another important aspect of your trailer, hence try to use an audio track that fits perfect for the video. In addition, it also serves your app’s character. Use professional to add quality audio for the trailer.

5. Try out few texts

In addition to video and audio, try to introduce few texts that showcase the features of your app. Try to provide all the important features in a concise text structure. It is quite possible that few people will not understand the app from the trailer; this text will allow them know the app much better.

While designing and developing a quality app is essential, don’t forget to market your app effectively. Trailers are a great way to get noticed. These tips try will help you in promoting your app once it is released in the market.

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The iPad App Development Basics – Things to Remember by Heart

How much have you invested in mobile app development? As an app developer, it is important to understand what makes each app different. How do you start your app development process?

iPad app development

If you’re looking to develop apps for Apple, understand that you need to get into the Apple cycle then. Here are some pointers that can come in handy during developing apps for Apple’s iOS.

1. Mac is quintessential for developing any app for iPhone and iPad. So if you are already accustomed with Mac, that’s a lucky bid as there is no other way to create and test an app for iPad other than Mac. Many of our developers do not know Mac thoroughly, and that can cost you dearly if you land up with a well-paid iOS app development project.

2. Buy an iPad. Although there are a number of simulators where you can check the newly created iPad apps, it will never give the accurate result as that when checked in iPad. This is crucial especially when you are developing a commercial app that otherwise can be checked over the simulators.

3. Xcode is very different from Visual Studio and Eclipse. So even if you are a master of these, learning Xcode will be mandatory for iPad app development.

4. Also, you can learn about the cross platforms like MonoTouch, PhoneGap, HTML5, Titanium in case Objective-C and Xcode are not very comfortable options. Using this knowledge can also help you create apps using the different sources.

5. Create your own developer account in iTunes App Store. The process can take as long as two weeks to get approved. From the various kinds of accounts available, you can choose whichever to go for. For freelancer app developers, the personal account is the best option. An Enterprise account will be suitable for those developers who are linked with organizations or working in groups.

6. However, if you are creating iPad apps just for the sake of development, no developer account is needed. This is because the iOS simulator or the Xcode can be downloaded without the requirement of any account.

7. iPad is not just a larger smartphone. Bigger iPad screen allows for more experimentation, and the UI design it demands is completely different than the iPhone. So be ready iPad app development gives scope for more innovation.

iPad mobile app development is easy if you know the basics. Apple wants you to understand its ecosystem before you’re able to develop apps for it. Newer technologies like Swift might seem tough at first but then it’s something that you’re investing in.



Picking the Right App Developer – The 10 Must Knows

How do you choose the right app developer for the next app that you’re building? Do you just go for run of the mill developers who charge as less as $10 an hour or do you need to look at someone who has expertise and can really help make an app with a difference? No, you do not always have to shell out more for the best app developers, but you need to know how much the app developer can help you with your project. Here’s a look at the top 10 things you should note when hiring an app developer.

app developer

1. The first isn’t always the best

Try out looking for different app developers first – do not just settle in for the first app developer that you come across. While knowledge and expertise are two must haves, it’s important to discuss your expectations as well.

2. Gauging the knowledge

A good app developer has a sound technical knowledge and there are no two ways about it. He needs to understand the operating system in depth. So, if you’re developing your app on Android, an in depth understanding of Android is required. If you’re developing an app for iOS, the app developer needs to know all about Apple developer guidelines.

3. How versatile is he?

You need your app developer to be versatile and so you might as well have a look at his portfolio. What are the applications that he has designed and how useful were they? Don’t go in for the numbers but the quality. You need your developer to know a variety of computer languages including PHP and CSS, which are a must.

4. Your own budget

You cannot afford everything all the time. So, focus on your budget and the best app developer in that region. You need to stick to your game plan and while the cheapest developer isn’t the solution, perhaps you can opt for an experienced off shore one who offers a lesser rate?

5. Keeping track

You need to keep a note of all the progress your developer has made, especially at the initial stages. This helps you know how things are progressing – remember, a planned approach is what’s needed so don’t have the developer rushing in to the project – it can take time for the deliverables to be completed.

6. Collaborate easily

Your developer doesn’t know about your business as much as you do- it’s important to collaborate easily so that your developer knows all about the project. Remember, more details about the project isn’t a bad thing.

7. Support

You need to have app developers offer post deployment support, as there’re going to be a number of bugs initially. Focusing on the end user experience is important and you need to ask your app developer about how they support your app after it launches in the App Store.

8. It’s about IP Ownership as well

It’s better to have you sign out an IP agreement with your app developer, stating clearly that you own all the rights to the app when it’s launched in the store. You need to own the IP of the app, and not your app developer.

9. Finding someone you can work with

You probably need to work with an app developer for a few months. Find someone you can work with and you can make things happen easily.

10. Verify the references

Did your app developer tell that he had worked on a number of projects before? Well, it’s a good idea to check out one or two of his references, just to be sure. You can check out a customer from any previous project of his and also look out on the present projects that he has been doing. It is a great way to be sure that he is the right guy.

It can be difficult to choose the right developer out there, but you do know that the rewards can be astonishing. It’s all about making the right choices and having those amazing ideas.