An iPhone App Development Firm Can Make Your Business Profitable

World is seeing a revolution in mobile application industry. There are mobile apps existing for almost each and every product and services. Like for every business to have its digital identity is important, having mobile app is equally important for businesses. And the reason behind such a demand in the market is extensive supply of smart phones with ever improving features and technology.

iphone app developmentUsers all across the world have become addicted to using the phone and want all the facilities right from their handset. And this is the main cause of the worldwide increase in mobile app demands. If we are talking about mobile apps, there are mainly two players in the market, one is iOS based apps and another is Android OS based apps.

iOS is an operating system of Apple iPhone. Looking at the exponential market share in smart phone segment acquired by Apple iPhone, it is must for companies nowadays to get an iPhone app developed for their products and service offerings. The worldwide user base is not the only factor of why should one go for the iPhone app development, there are many benefits that a company can get when hiring an iPhone app development firm. This article will outline key benefits of getting an iPhone app for offering your products and services:

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Rich Design and Features
An iPhone App development firm is the one stop destination for you if you are looking for a rich and intuitive design for your business app. Since iPhone users are very tech savvy and always look for intellectual applications, it is always good to hire an iPhone app development firm to get a design that can attract millions of customers worldwide.

Cost Effective Development
There is a large library of tools and SDK available for developing an iPhone application. This makes the development efforts less and also saves the cost. However, to choose the experienced team of developers who know what to use when and how to save development efforts by using latest tools and techniques.

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Security Factor
When your business transactions are involved through application, it become a matter of saving revenues of the company. And having a low security related features in the application is a threat of revenue loss. Therefore, it is highly advisable to work with an iPhone app development firm who has experience in making secure user interface. Moreover, iPhone itself has robust protection against virus or malware, which makes it a perfect choice when it comes to grow your business over internet.

Time to Market
iPhone application development process can save development time due to its SDK and readily available tools, which speed up your app development process. Due to this the time to launch the app in the market is reduced exponentially. Such conformity can be achieved only when you hire an iPhone app development company that has a strong team of experienced iPhone app developers.

Pool of Resources
This is one of the main reason why you should hire an iPhone app development firm, it provides large pool of experienced resources. Due to which your work will never be on hold even if any of the developers working on your project leave the company. An iPhone app development firm will always have resources with right skillset to allocate to your project and finish the work on time without any hiccups.

Support and bug fixing
The iPhone app development companies not only provide app development services but they also provide support services even after delivering an app. Such support can help in resolving any glitches and bugs in the system and offer seamless services to your end customers. Such services offered by iPhone app development firms helps reducing your time and effort in maintaining the application.

Highly Scalable App
iPhone app development can help in creating a highly scalable apps for your business. As technology keeps changing and improving and to change with the technology is what makes an application scalable. Only an iPhone based application are scalable to be improved any time.

iPhone app development may incur substantial investment of your company, but will yield great profits in long run. And when you are investing your money it is a very crucial decision to select the right company to deal with. The service provider for iPhone app development should have prior experience and right skillset to develop any kind of iPhone application.

With the high demands for iPhone application development, there are lots of companies in the market who are offering services. This makes it difficult for choosing a right company for your business. Therefore always start with a bit of research in choosing the right iPhone app development company.

First of all check all the services that company is offering related to iPhone app development. Also what are their application maintenance services. Once this is sorted, check the reviews and testimonials of the company. You can see the portfolio of the iPhone apps that company have developed till now. Level of understanding of your business and prior experience in developing an app in same field. Only when all the criteria are satisfying your business needs, you can hire an iPhone apps development firm.


How Much Time Does Your iPhone App Take to Get Ready?

iPhone app development

Are you looking to develop an app for Android, iOS or Windows? One of the first questions for developers is to understand when your app would be ready. The quicker your app is ready, the lower the development cost would be and the potential benefits would be more too. So, what is the right time period for developing the app.

You need to consider these issues before working on your application.

1. Know the target audience
The first thing is the target audience. Different people prefer a different type of interface, and is a considerable point to develop a popular app.

2. Understand the device
Then next comes the type of device, if it is for a phone or a tablet. This point is important because each device has a resolution and thus that needs to be followed by the application.

3. Understand how the app is going to be played
The orientation of the display (portrait or landscape) differs because each application has a different preferable orientation.

4. What is the OS you’re looking to build on?
The version of the OS can make a different. If your app uses specific functions that are available only in that version, then they must be programmed as per that environment. This is because they may not be functional on the other interfaces.

The next issue is of the resources. These may relate to time, finance or intellectual properties. Do you own the intellectual resources or do you need to get licenses? You need to factor in the time factor too – the less time it would take, the higher would be the cost.

The time required to develop the app is influenced by some factors, including the following.

1. Type of application
If it is a business app, it may require permissions and payment getaways. This can require more time to be developed and may add up to the cost.

If it is a game or entertainment application, then depending on the story or conceptual study the app is developed

2. Graphics and interface
Every user looks for a friendly, easy to use and an attractive interface. So the developer is required to undertake some study or survey to analyze the target audience, and this decides the time required for the app to get ready.

3. Testing of application
This is a crucial part of the development process. Here all the flaws and errors are to be rectified, and compatibility of the device hardware needs to be analyzed. If the application uses certain sensors or additional driver or device, the application must handle such issues and respond accordingly.

4. Interruption in application
Instants like incoming call, message, little battery, background app notifications and other errors can interrupt the running app or may cause some unusual behavior. The application is to be programmed accordingly to overcome the issues.

After all these considerations, here is what can be the right time period for developing an app.
Simple app (games) – 2 weeks
Medium app (games and business) – 1-2 months
Complex app (high graphic games or e—commerce) – 3-4 months
Extreme interface integration – 6 months or more

How much time is it taking for you to develop your app?

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Developing an App? Here are the Mistakes to Avoid

iPhone app development

For most of us, developing an app only means concentrating on the app lifecycle. While developing any app is challenging, most of us flounder because we have been committing the same mistake, time and time again.

Most app entrepreneurs use Android and iOS systems for business promotion – most apps have advertisements in them. It helps developers earn revenue while pushing down the cost of the app.

App development has gained significant popularity due to increasing demand for new and quality apps. Here are the benefits that iOS or Android app development gives to business around the world:

–    Giving new way to earn more money
–    Improved and fast marketing to the targeted audience
–    Increase the number people use or favor your brand
–    Much better relationship between customer and you

Mistakes developers make
You need to focus on the quality to have a great app to present. Many iPhone app development companies make many mistakes, which turns out hazardous for their app and business.

Here are some mistakes developers make
–    App developer often believes in a complicated design and menu to impress users. You need to be user-friendly – that has to be your priority.
–    Too much monetization units in the app can drive away customers.
–    Zero UX testing means less user-friendly app.
–    Preferring branding over usability is hazardous for a business
–    No throughout marketing strategy.

Avoiding mistakes
Programmer or Designer can solve every technical problem. The only thing required is knowledge and experience. Before all the technical process, you must know what you are making and how it will help you, customers. The app must always solve the problems of your users. It must belong to a niche and not combination of several things.

Once you are sure about what you are going to develop, get the best team that has the experience and knowledge to create such app. You can hire iPhone app developer that understands what you want. While your app is under development, get a good marketing strategy in place to market you app. Marketing entirely depends on you app or targeted audience.

A good idea is necessary, but a good approach and strategy makes it possible. Hence, understand the market, and users need to get the successful app.

iPhone App Development Services – Hiring Quality iOS Developers Got Easy

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Mindinventory, an iPhone app development company, has been making its name in the app development industry. The team consists of 65+ highly talented and skillful developers. They have been working hard to satisfy the needs of the clients.

While hiring Mindinventory, clients can choose developer from the team after a personal interview. The client has direct access to the developer. Currently, the Mindinventory client base ranges from small businesses to corporate giants. They have also successfully executed various government projects. They have already 100+ iPhone apps on their portfolio.

They are developing apps in various niches such as business, education, entertainment, healthcare, lifestyle and many more.

Mindinvenory can deliver fast, but they do not compromise on the quality of service. They also employ strict policies that ensure the quality such as in order to qualify, as a developer for the company candidate must have minimum three years of working experience.

Another department of the company that has contributed to its growth is the consultant. In addition, they also carry a quality control department, which test each app before it is delivered.

At Mindinventory, developers use latest technology, which makes them a force to reckon. They currently develop iPhone, Android, PhoneGap, and iBeacon apps. Companies can approachmindinventory for highest quality app development service. Just visit its site for more details.

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5 Things to Know Before You Release the App

5 Things to Know Before You Release the App

The app lifecycle can be huge. It all starts from conception of the app idea. Then there is the rigorous coding that follows by each round of testing. All bugs are eliminated and ensured that the app conforms to the app store policies. In the end, testers review the app thoroughly before launch to ensure that the app is free from bugs. Yet, before launching any app and its release, there are always the goose bumps.

The need for apps cannot be underestimated.

According to Forbes, more than 780 million people do not own computer or laptop but own a mobile device. However, this number is not even close to the number people who own smartphones. App development can be a huge business opportunity. However, if you are planning to release an app, then you must know a few things.

1. The Data

Look of the application is important but what is underneath is more important for its success. You must know that the application presents your business. Hence application must convey the right data. Data must be intuitive and should be presented in more organized way.

2. All Platform Compatibility

Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry, and many are used currently. If you want to take advantage of wide range of customer base, your app must be compatible to each platform. Though Android tops the chart, Microsoft and iOS are not far from it. Creating web app is good choice but it loses on the benefits of native app. Learn the skills of developing cross-platform compatibility.

3. Feedback

User feedback will be the key in app development. It does not matter if your app is good or bad. Google play and iTunes offer user feedback. Thus, you must try to answer it with your new updates. These feedbacks will ask you clear bugs, suggestions, and many more. Communicating with users to know more is a great way to create a great impression among the user.

Getting Feedback – The 10 Most Popular User Feedback Tools Today

4. Notifications

Notifications allow user to access app with ease and stay updated with new changes. Notifications deliver right information upfront. However, this feature is not necessary for every app but you must consider it with every new app development. However, make sure notification has specific purpose and not to spam it. Remember, never use notification to advertise as users get irritated. Use it for real-time messages, scores, and tracking.

5. Intuitive Design

First thing users recognize irrespective of the platform is intuitive design. As smartphone screens are smaller than webpage, you need to keep in that it must offer good user experience. The app must be fluid and offer quality function. Try to create a brand with a unique look with quality functionality.

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Tips For Developers On How to Make Trailers for Applications

While developing an application, you may wonder how you can present your app to a wider spectrum of users. Reaching out to a wider audience ensures that you get more returns on investment as well as increase brand value.

Tips For Developers On How to Make Trailers for Applications

Showcasing your app trailer

Advertisement is the best way to go forward, and you can advertise your app with images, screenshots, and videos. One of the most effective ways to advertise is by making a trailer of your app. Trailers allow you to present the best features of your app and bring specific things together that might create interest among the users. Here few tips that will help you make a trailer for your application.

1. Find the budget

The First thing you must know about trailers is that it will cost you; hence you must accommodate a budget for the trailer. This budget will you hire professionals who can create trailer according to your needs.

2. Keep it short and sweet

Trailers are short, and it must impress users in short time. People have a short attention span, so make sure you app trailer is exciting, interesting and intriguing. The usual time frame of a trailer is around 35 seconds to as much as 120 seconds. Such short times demands you to hook the watchers from beginning to the end.

3. Decide on the script

The script would be the most important factor for your app trailer. The script will act as a guideline for trailer makers to know your ideas and your requirements. Consider writing a script of 30 second or more. The script must contain all the detail you want to see on the trailer.

4. Concentrate on the audio

Audio will be another important aspect of your trailer, hence try to use an audio track that fits perfect for the video. In addition, it also serves your app’s character. Use professional to add quality audio for the trailer.

5. Try out few texts

In addition to video and audio, try to introduce few texts that showcase the features of your app. Try to provide all the important features in a concise text structure. It is quite possible that few people will not understand the app from the trailer; this text will allow them know the app much better.

While designing and developing a quality app is essential, don’t forget to market your app effectively. Trailers are a great way to get noticed. These tips try will help you in promoting your app once it is released in the market.

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Legitimate Expectations from Upcoming iOS 9

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Let’s check a fact sheet at first place before diving into the what are upcoming features and functionality in iOS 9.

Expectations from Upcoming iOS 9

Since its first iOS release, Apple had taken the seat of the leader of innovation and technologies. Fascinating use of modern upcoming technologies to offer the best user experiences was motto of the company and Steve Job had nurtured it beautifully with his charismatic personality. In due course, Apple was releasing each new iOS version with more and more features and functionality that nowhere available along with the best user experiences and flexibility.

Erroneous Approaches

Unfortunately, this approach was boomeranging in the market when users have to spend their hard-earned bucks on its new devices in order to fulfill its compatibility requirements. At first instance, it seemed that Apple is a proprietary platform and want to extract more money by releasing new version of software and hardware in a synch manner. However, it was not whole truth and majority of its users have not any objection to spend more if it is delivering the best quality available in the market.

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Top 5 Business Apps for iPhone

Looking to increase productivity? Check out Apple’s iOS store – a great bet if you’re looking at increasing those dipping productivity levels. There’s a whole lot of things that you can do out there when it comes to working with business apps, from automating processes to taking notes with ease. Sending mails or storing information can get a whole lot easier.

iphone apps for business

Business apps for your iOS phone
To help you manage your business affairs, your iPhone could be great device. It allows you to improve your productivity while on the move. Here are top five business app that you can use on your phone.

1. Outlook
You probably have used Outlook or know about it well, if you’ve been using a desktop or Laptop running on Windows. Well, Outlook can work on your iPhone too. The Outlook is great app to have for managing your emails. Outlook of iOS is integrated with Desktop Outlook, so that you can receive and send invitation via email or get alerts for meetings. App also has focused inbox feature that sorts your emails automatically and keeps the most important emails upfront.

2. Evernote
Who doesn’t love Evernote? Evernote makes taking notes really simple and is an app that is increasingly being used by professionals and businessmen alike. Statistically, Evernote is one of the best apps in the market, and is great for taking notes. You can access your Evernote account from any device, hence add notes where you need it and they are with everywhere. There various options for making notes you can insert text, bullet points and photos.

3. Dropbox
It is cloud storage platform for iOS. Add any files into Dropbox and it will be accessible on any device you want through Dropbox account. It is free upto 2 GB but you can extend the storage by going from premium account. Now you have all the necessary document where you go.

4. CamCard
Business cards are still the best way to improve your business network. However, manually managing business cards is not easy and entering contact information is also time consuming. Using this app just take a snap of the business card and all the key details will be added to your contact.

5. Microsoft Remote Desktop
You want to access your office PC even while you are out for meeting or at home. This app allows you to access Microsoft desktop remotely. Using the app is easy as it mirrors your PC on your device.
These five apps on your iPhone are really must haves and help improve the productivity by a good margin.

Hope you will love this apps. Want to make one of your own? Have an idea? Come an talk to us and we will implement it for you. Visit here

Mindinventory: The IPhone and android app development process

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Mindinventory, a trusted name in the field of digital invention is located in Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat. The company has just announced an increase in its range of services and come out with its achievements.


With top software engineering minds from the country and abroad, the programming team has successfully developed more than 500+ apps that have gone live on Apple and Google Stores.

With a global boost in the mobile applications marketing, Mindinventory has come up with the high-quality software solution, offering quality mobile and software solutions for businesses. With a process that takes care of the entire lifecycle of the app, the Mindinventory team looks at every aspect of the app’s development to initiate a smooth user experience.

The new services include different types of iPhone, iPad and iOS development services as well as complete Android app development services, that starts with app idea conception to the app release in the market and even after that.

With a USP to keep clients updated about all parts of the development process, both the Android and iOS development process takes into account regular client feedbacks.

Launching an iOS app

Apple has its set of unique guidelines, something MindInventory team is well aware of. Keeping track of the factors make it easy for end users to install the app on their iOS device.

The team focuses on creating an accurate setup look, and enhance correct functionalities by offering advanced user experience.

Most end users complain of apps with bugs, a result of improper testing. The roll-out feature by Mindinventory ensures that the team only rolls out the final bug free product to end users.

The dedicated Q/A team performs a number of tests for the apps before releasing it in the market.

Similar steps are followed to design user customized tablet experiences.

Android development

Google has its set of guidelines; sometimes in stark contrast to what Apple has to say. Developing an app is often tedious.

Developers need to take care of the Android models they’re designing the app for, keep in mind the lag time if any, as well as ensure that there are no bugs.

Mindinventory offers an Android app development team capable of providing the right solutions. A dedicated approach ensures that the major complications arising from hardware and software fragmentations are taken care of, and the app is built to sync and work bug-free on all compatible Android devices.

Mindinventory uses the latest technologies and methodologies when developing any Android application development project, keeping in mind the project requirements. The team keeps themselves updated with the market pulse, has expertise in Android app designing and access to ultramodern infrastructural facilities that helps to develop quality Project Management Software (PMS).

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The New iOS ResearchKit for Apple Developers

If you still haven’t heard of it, you need to know it now. Apple has announced the launch of its new iOS ResearchKit framework which will specifically be useful for the medical research. The developers working with HealthKit will find this new software helpful as the apps can be turned into powerful diagnostic tools.

researchkit for Apple Developers

iOS apps have already helped almost millions of customers to improve and keep track of their health. Jeff Williams, Senior Vice President of Operations, Apple, stated how hundreds of millions of people use iPhone around the world and how developers can take the opportunity to think of apps that contribute more to medical research.

Prior to ResearchKit, Apple has made its venture into the field of health monitoring with HealthKit, which was launched last year. Open-sourcing ResearchKit will provide the scope for community contributions, for instance, through the variety of informed consent modules, and data collecting modules.

Also, ResearchKit will not include any of the features where you can get the survey scheduling capability or conduct any communication mechanisms between apps and servers. However, Apple will not have any access to the user health data.

So, what can ResearchKit do for you?

With the developer kit, medical researchers can create diagnostic apps that can detect the different kind of disorders. The app can for instance, access important metrics like the patient’s blood pressure, weight, and glucose levels with the user’s consent. Developed jointly by Xuanwu Hospital at Capital Medical University in Beijing, University of Rochester and Sage Bionetworks, this app can measure the hand tremors, vocal trembling as well as the walking balance.

Memory game and finger tapping can help to track Parkinson’s disease through the Parkinson mPower app. the GlucoSuccess app will understand the various aspects of the patient’s life style. The MyHeart Counts app can measure the cardiovascular health. The Share the Journey app aims to study the breast cancer survivors’ symptoms. Designed to facilitate asthma patient, the Asthma Health app can help to promote positive behavioral changes

ResearchKit apps will be rolled out globally in near future. As of now, it can be brought from the US The iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus will be able to support it as well as the latest generation of iPod can also open the app.