Developing your first iPhone App – Things to Do Before You Submit it to iTunes Store

iPhone is the most reputed platform for launching an app. It has various users and is highly responsive and systematic. Making an app is just like cooking. The style can be different but in the end what matters is the taste. If you complete all the steps in a proper and organized way, then you can create a quality app even if it is your first time.

iPhone app development

Developing an iPhone app is not a daunting task if you follow a streamlined process to do so. You can consider the steps given below before you start.

Develop an idea:

Develop a unique idea that is different and is not something that already exists. Do some brainstorming and outline your purpose for the app. Draw it on a paper or your computer to get a clear understanding. Understand the validity and practicality of it and what will it offer?

Mac is important:

You would need a Mac to develop as iPhone tools are only available to Mac users. To get on the iTunes, Store Mac is very important.

Make an App ID:

You would need to register as an Apple developer by giving some basic information about yourself and agree to the terms. The username and password can also be used for iTunes store.

Downloading the Software Development Kit for iPhone:

Downloading the SDK will take some time as it contains a lot of large files of documentation, sample codes, etc. This will be a helping guide during the development process. To get more information about iPhone SDK you can also take help of ManiacDev.

Download the XCode:

For smooth workflow to integrate the source code that will leave no trace of your code you would need to perform this download.

Use SDK templates to develop the app:

As you complete the design, SDK templates will be useful, and you can also refer to some YouTube tutorials for help.

Understanding Objective-C programming:

It is the foundation to develop iPhone applications. If you know coding, understanding it will be easier else external help for programming may be needed.

Program your app with Objective- C:

Once you know how to make your app with Objective-C, it is fabulous; else you may need a help of a programmer for few months.

Testing the app on iPhone Simulator:

Now comes bug killing. On SDK iPhone, stimulator will help in testing the app and depending on the user needs you can optimize the app.

Uploading time:

Once testing is done, app needs to be uploaded on the iTunes store and u would need to pay $99 as a onetime fee.

Others can test your app:

You get a chance to join app community and get the final bugs removed by others.

App Approval:

From the community itself you can start with approval, and this may take ten days time or more.

Reap the benefits:

The process is completed, and now you can enjoy the traffic and check the returns as per the type of app.


Hire iPhone developer to Design Robust Motion on Your App

Today our digital world is becoming more real by simulating real life things on our all sorts of computing devices including iPhone like smartphones. In earlier versions of iPhone and iOS, we were relying on Vow effects where many unnatural things were running on the tiny screen of iPhone, be it in native apps or in web apps or responsive websites.

hire iphone app developer

On the step of evolution, we are now have iPhone capable to process lots of heavy interactions and animations while iOS is supporting new designing paradigm and our modern browsers eventually supporting CSS animation in absence of Flash. If we take modern responsive websites running on iPhone on consideration, this post will become more relevant for the designers or iPhone developers who are going to craft motion on your app.

Motion in Early Days of Web
With advent of iPhone, Flash became obsolete and a big vacuum arose for motion design on the web. Fortunately, Apple and others have supported evolution of HTML5 and CSS3 like pure web technologies to become an integral part of mobile landscape since the early days and consequently mobile web app as well as greater support for mobile friendly responsive web design came in to the picture.

Motion in Today’s Web
Today HTML5 has immense capabilities to support multimedia components along with the hardware acceleration capacities of iPhone while CSS is key element to thrive for motion designing and separating logics/code from presentation i.e. from text/content. Today almost all mobile browsers including Safari of iPhone are supporting CSS and its animations properties.

This evolution of CSS has changed the interface design, performances, and brought more real life simulations on the tiny screens of iPhone and other mobiles. If we look at real life examples in modern screens of the latest versions of iPhone, we may find following happening on the screens.

Layers in UI Designing
The concept of layer had pushed in iOS7 and it is now become the most used interface element in web as well as in app UI designs. At motion design point of view layer has not much movement except when they animated as animate in and animate out movement. Layers keep context of existing screen or web page intact when appear with a smooth transition and provide temporary space for contextual content in relation to displayed screen. Thus, the minds of users think less and understand more with the least efforts.

Contextual Menus or Windows in UI Designing
We have two kinds of screen transitions: permanent and temporary. In permanent transition web jump from one screen to another and never return to the left one. Whereas in temporary transition we have some temporary forms of user interfaces, which help us to display content or UI elements relevant to the present screen and ready to disappear again when its purposes solved.
For instance, popup windows, model windows, drawer menus, tooltips menus or onboarding UI design, etc. are good examples of modern contextual menus or  windows to serve us temporary and providing extra spaces for extra content in desired contexts. Recently, Gmail and Facebook apps are excellently using drawer menus in different contexts and offer highly personalized experiences to their users.

SPA in UI Designing
In above examples, we have seen transitions and animation within a page or app, but what about when entire page transits from one to another and a gap become apparent between them. Moreover, entire page transition consumes more CPU power and distracts UX at the end. Therefore, modern web and mobile app designers are leaning towards single page application designing where everything takes place in a single page using modern animated temporary screens or windows described in above examples.

In all such smooth transitions and animations, CSS is playing vital role and if you need to give excellent user experiences and usability in your web or mobile app designing using aforementioned techniques and technologies you need to hire solid team of iPhone app developers. Perhaps Mindinventory is the best choice of mobile app development company available in the market.

Picking the Right App Developer – The 10 Must Knows

How do you choose the right app developer for the next app that you’re building? Do you just go for run of the mill developers who charge as less as $10 an hour or do you need to look at someone who has expertise and can really help make an app with a difference? No, you do not always have to shell out more for the best app developers, but you need to know how much the app developer can help you with your project. Here’s a look at the top 10 things you should note when hiring an app developer.

app developer

1. The first isn’t always the best

Try out looking for different app developers first – do not just settle in for the first app developer that you come across. While knowledge and expertise are two must haves, it’s important to discuss your expectations as well.

2. Gauging the knowledge

A good app developer has a sound technical knowledge and there are no two ways about it. He needs to understand the operating system in depth. So, if you’re developing your app on Android, an in depth understanding of Android is required. If you’re developing an app for iOS, the app developer needs to know all about Apple developer guidelines.

3. How versatile is he?

You need your app developer to be versatile and so you might as well have a look at his portfolio. What are the applications that he has designed and how useful were they? Don’t go in for the numbers but the quality. You need your developer to know a variety of computer languages including PHP and CSS, which are a must.

4. Your own budget

You cannot afford everything all the time. So, focus on your budget and the best app developer in that region. You need to stick to your game plan and while the cheapest developer isn’t the solution, perhaps you can opt for an experienced off shore one who offers a lesser rate?

5. Keeping track

You need to keep a note of all the progress your developer has made, especially at the initial stages. This helps you know how things are progressing – remember, a planned approach is what’s needed so don’t have the developer rushing in to the project – it can take time for the deliverables to be completed.

6. Collaborate easily

Your developer doesn’t know about your business as much as you do- it’s important to collaborate easily so that your developer knows all about the project. Remember, more details about the project isn’t a bad thing.

7. Support

You need to have app developers offer post deployment support, as there’re going to be a number of bugs initially. Focusing on the end user experience is important and you need to ask your app developer about how they support your app after it launches in the App Store.

8. It’s about IP Ownership as well

It’s better to have you sign out an IP agreement with your app developer, stating clearly that you own all the rights to the app when it’s launched in the store. You need to own the IP of the app, and not your app developer.

9. Finding someone you can work with

You probably need to work with an app developer for a few months. Find someone you can work with and you can make things happen easily.

10. Verify the references

Did your app developer tell that he had worked on a number of projects before? Well, it’s a good idea to check out one or two of his references, just to be sure. You can check out a customer from any previous project of his and also look out on the present projects that he has been doing. It is a great way to be sure that he is the right guy.

It can be difficult to choose the right developer out there, but you do know that the rewards can be astonishing. It’s all about making the right choices and having those amazing ideas.

Short Cycle of Installing & Uninstalling Apps and iOS Developers

It has been observed that the wide range of mobile applications is downloaded from various marketplaces of all mobile platforms. However, that doesn’t mean all mobile apps have prolonged use life and users. Big chunks of them have been uninstalled within short span.

iOS developers

Now, iOS is a huge mobile platform with some fragmentation on hardware and software fronts. Therefore, it is more prone to uninstall phenomena because when users show that the particular app is useful for them, they immediately download it without checking whether their device or OS is supporting it or not.

When they begin installation, a prompt or warning of incompetency appears and they have to break their installation prematurely. This is kind of competency problem for iOS app development company, but still many factors playing significant role in uninstall phenomena and lead iOS application developers to worry about them and take appropriate actions accordingly. Let’s know them and find the space to improve them in our iOS application development environment.

Usability-Ease of Use-Usefulness

These three are important factors just after the user experiences in your app development. If your app description is not citing them, users will unknowingly download the app and uninstall after little usage. Thus, you should address these factors while you are in iOS app development process and then finally prepare marketing copy carefully or prepare a web page especially devoted to the app and explain the users prior about how these factors have been addressed adequately.


Performance criterion has leading role in the success and retention of the iOS app so each iOS developers have to check whether their mobile app is taking the shortest time to load when initiated. If iOS developers are fail, to make apps responsive the acceptance and retention of app may prove a nightmare. Similarly, if your mobile app is not offering smooth workflow, screen flow, interactions, and other user experience factors, your chances of success may prove deemed.


Security aspect is quite vital particularly in case of e-commerce iOS application development. For general categories of apps, data flow and data security while for e-commerce and finance mobile applications, transactions and critical info of users matter more to check vulnerability. Adding enough security levels and employing the latest encryption technologies are nothing but a better beginning in the right direction.

If iOS developers are not expert at integration of various payment gateways and third-party apps/software in small to enterprise level of iOS mobile applications, they will put their users in frustrations and sometimes annoyed them too. In enterprise mobility solutions, adequate authentications of various levels of users and granting them desired permissions are playing significant role in making iOS application secure in BYOD environment.

In sum, the above described factors are playing vital roles in the success and longer life of iOS apps on the client devices besides the cloying graphics and smart UI to attract the iOS application users and fortunately, Mindinventory has scrappy iOS developers who knows these very facts well in advance.

Think about Adaptive Apps While Designing for iOS

When Apple had introduced iPhone as the first successful smartphone, software developer particularly, web developers entered in new era of designing and programming called mobile era commonly. Nearly for half decade, Apple has kept hardware form of iOS devices almost fixed in terms of screen sizes. Therefore, each iOS app development company was claiming “pixel perfect iOS app UI design service” in their content/literature. Thus, pixel perfect designing paradigm became the synonym of native mobile design.

iOS App development service

Changing Trends

With iOS7 and iPhone 5/5S, trends have shown some changes and with iOS8 and iPhone 6/Plus, it quite became obvious. Therefore, recent iPhone app developers or iPad app developers have challenges to meet the pixel perfectness for the varying degrees of screen sizes like:

  • iPhone 4s – 640 X 960

  • iPhone 5s/5c – 640 X 1136

  • iPhone 6 – 750 X 1334

  • iPhone 6 Plus – 1242 X 2208

Thus, iPhone 6 Plus has blurred the line between iPad Mini and iPhone 6 Plus in terms of screen size hence designing UI. Now, iPhone app designers have to think in line of the responsive web designers and employ all designing tools, technologies, strategies, methodologies, and techniques used in responsive web designing practices.

Beginning of Adaptive Design Era

Moreover, with iOS7, Apple has begun flat design era and Android too has followed it through intro of Metro Design concept in its recent Lollipop version. Therefore, iOS app developers have to balance each individual view/UI carefully and adapt simple yet functional aesthetic designing approaches for recent and next generation, iOS application development, projects.

In due course, iOS designers can lock certain UI design elements such as sidebar, toolbar, images at center or certain positions, etc. while designers can leave rest of the UI elements stretchable/responsive in one or more directions/dimensions like fluid of texts/content, lists, tables, etc. by adopting grid based design approaches. In the dictionary of Apple, these responsive designing approaches are termed as ‘Adaptive UI Design’.

Future Design Course

No doubt, adaptive designing is not simple to do, as it seems to be, because designers can make UI elements or UI design adaptive, but user experiences and ease of use will become obstacles, as they demand highly customized approaches in iOS app development. Today iOS app designers have to reckon trends of adaptive layouts and ever-increasing pixel densities through bigger hardware forms of iOS devices. Thus, modern iOS app design may not be pixel perfect, but would be pixel-snapped artwork in one sense to display density target albeit, by blurring, the pixel boundaries so apps may not be visually sharp.

In simple words, we can say that Apple is pushing its iOS developers to @3x density display in near future by this transition point through iPhone 6 Plus. Fortunately, Mindinventory has team of iOS developers with futuristic visions and they can offer futuristic iOS app development services with foresee vision and modern tech arsenals.

Hire iPhone Developer from Prestigious Companies Only

Today iPhone application development is trendy words on the web, as Apple is earning decently from the iPhone developers and users enjoy high quality apps at somewhat affordable price tags. Initially, every person in the street and his dog had some app ideas and people went to convert them in to reality on the door of iPhone developers and iPhone development companies.

hire iphone developer

However, today rush to hire iPhone developer or a team of developers is intact, but the demands of market getting much complex and challenging despite the technological innovations such as introduction of Swift against Objective C. Apple store is flooding with apps with common ideas and general business usage, but not with quality apps with futuristic visions.

Against these, advent of technologies bring more and more businesses and categories of apps into the marketplace, which demands high quality apps developed by high quality app development companies only. My acclamation for high quality iPhone app development companies is right here. Let’s see how

What High Quality App Development Process Demands

Conductive and comfortable development environment:

To be creative you need to have:

  • leisure
  • physical and mental comfort
  • enough tools/equipment
  • collaborative people

Therefore, we offer human-friendly office environment to our hire iPhone app developer teams where they have:

  • ergonomic furniture
  • air-conditions
  • intra and extra organization communication channels
  • conference and seminar rooms
  • discussion points or rooms
  • refreshment points
  • and many other things that need big investment

Unfortunately, small startup or mediocre companies don’t have at such high level infrastructural facilities or fund to invest in.

Technological Know-How:

Human resources are vital for the success of any software development. Therefore, technological know-how, domain expertise, skills to deal with any scale of iPhone app development project, and talented team with good team spirit is rare to accumulate and tough to train.

Only what to code is not enough, but how to do it standard and futuristic ways, how it becomes cost-effective for company and your client is more critical expertise your coders should have.

Supportive Equipment and IT Infrastructure:

Hire iPhone developers need essential hardware and software for iOS development such as:

  • Apple devices including Mac with the latest OS X
  • iPhone with latest iOS versions as well as some backward versions to test backward compatibility
  • IDE
  • IPhone SDK
  • Simulators/Emulators
  • Cloud testing/remote testing facilities

Communication and Project Management Infrastructure:

As we know that client always want to have direct control of their hire iPhone developer team in their hands even though they are seating at offshore locations and have adverse time zones. In due course, we offer the latest communication infrastructural facilities and project management facilities using modern technologies:

  • Communication channels for a collaborative environment
  • Communication channels for clients like IM, VoIP, etc.
  • PMS
  • Project monitoring and auditing setup

Above the all, commitments of iPhone development companies and their hire iPhone developer teams are vital ingredients of the success of any iPhone app development project. Fortunately, Mindinventory has firm commitments and scrappy teams of hire iPhone designers and hire iPhone developers along with such modern infrastructural facilities described above.

Now, do you have any reason to wait?