5 Things to Know Before You Release the App

5 Things to Know Before You Release the App

The app lifecycle can be huge. It all starts from conception of the app idea. Then there is the rigorous coding that follows by each round of testing. All bugs are eliminated and ensured that the app conforms to the app store policies. In the end, testers review the app thoroughly before launch to ensure that the app is free from bugs. Yet, before launching any app and its release, there are always the goose bumps.

The need for apps cannot be underestimated.

According to Forbes, more than 780 million people do not own computer or laptop but own a mobile device. However, this number is not even close to the number people who own smartphones. App development can be a huge business opportunity. However, if you are planning to release an app, then you must know a few things.

1. The Data

Look of the application is important but what is underneath is more important for its success. You must know that the application presents your business. Hence application must convey the right data. Data must be intuitive and should be presented in more organized way.

2. All Platform Compatibility

Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry, and many are used currently. If you want to take advantage of wide range of customer base, your app must be compatible to each platform. Though Android tops the chart, Microsoft and iOS are not far from it. Creating web app is good choice but it loses on the benefits of native app. Learn the skills of developing cross-platform compatibility.

3. Feedback

User feedback will be the key in app development. It does not matter if your app is good or bad. Google play and iTunes offer user feedback. Thus, you must try to answer it with your new updates. These feedbacks will ask you clear bugs, suggestions, and many more. Communicating with users to know more is a great way to create a great impression among the user.

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4. Notifications

Notifications allow user to access app with ease and stay updated with new changes. Notifications deliver right information upfront. However, this feature is not necessary for every app but you must consider it with every new app development. However, make sure notification has specific purpose and not to spam it. Remember, never use notification to advertise as users get irritated. Use it for real-time messages, scores, and tracking.

5. Intuitive Design

First thing users recognize irrespective of the platform is intuitive design. As smartphone screens are smaller than webpage, you need to keep in that it must offer good user experience. The app must be fluid and offer quality function. Try to create a brand with a unique look with quality functionality.

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