Best Tips For Successful Beta Testing Your Mobile App

Mobile applications are a core market for any business that thrives off of tech consumers. Its strong relation with the booming smart device market and their symbiotic relationship make it so mobile apps will be a major source of income for developers for the foreseeable future, but if you want to create an application that will put a mark on the industry, it has to be a very good one, as competition is stiffer than ever.


Part of the recipe for a successful app lies with locating and eliminating any kind of bug or problem that would otherwise negatively impact the customer experience. To find everything that’s wrong or just not clicking, you must have feedback, someone or something letting you know what needs to be change. Starting with the closest people around you is good, such as team members and people involved in the development process, but what you really need is the opinion of the consumers, the people that you want to sell the app to. The best way of finding out what they want is by asking them. This feedback takes places during the beta testing phase, which any app must go through. The quality of the beta phase can dictate whether or not an app will be successful or just another icon on the app market interface.

Beta testers
Once you are ready to start the beta phase, carefully select the beta testing group. This group should include multiple types of devices. Creating an app for a limited number of handsets is a huge detriment for any project. Try to include as much diversity as you can.

The beta group should include people you don’t know but that you can trust. In other words, it is vital that the people giving you feedback during beta are as objective as possible. This can be hindered if you only involve family members and friends, and you’ll sooner or later find out that your perception of the app progress is skewed.

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Beta platform
Now you have the beta app and you have the beta group. All that’s missing is a beta platform. You need a platform where people can test out the app and also give feedback. Try finding an accessible platform where you can start a beta testing group. You could also set up a feedback system within the app itself. This will make it so that testers have a highly accessible feedback at their disposal.

You can use this group platform to not only receive information about how testing is going, but also distribute new information such as beta builds, tester duties and expectations you have from each tester. You can consider this space the equivalent of a conference room. This is where information goes back and forth between you and the testing group.

Keep testers in check
Once the process has started, it is very important that you manage and take care of your testers, so that you may ensure several things. First, you need to make sure that each tester does their part, and that each of them sends you regular updates and feedback. Slackers will only delay or hinder your operation.

Make sure to remind them what it is they’re feedback is for. Speaking of which, you also have to set up a reward plan that will entice the testers to give their best during beta testing. It’s up to you what kind of rewards awaits them, just make sure it’s something worth their time. You could guarantee extra or deluxe features for free once the app launches, which otherwise would require payment, or give them the whole app for free.

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Set up the app launch
Don’t rush and launch your app as soon as you think it’s ready. Test out the app in small increments. This will help you find and put the finishing touches on some of the remaining bugs or issues. Release it in a limited amount to just one market, and do a full release once the app is operating at 110%. Consider releasing your app on a lower tier app market at first. If there are any major problems discovered on a major market, it might be too hard to bounce back from a launch fiasco. If the app is fine on a smaller market, you can step it up and launch your app on the App Store or Google Play.

A very important thing to take from all this, is the fact that successful apps aren’t born overnight. They require a lot of time and nurturing, and the beta phase is where a lot of that happens. Beta offers app developers all the answers they need to make their app successful. It’s the developer’s job to know how to set their app up for critical acclaim, starting with beta testing.


Benefits of Mobile App Development for Businesses

Usage of mobile apps has increased many folds than was before a year. Small to large businesses look at the mobile app development company to bring more value in their mobile apps against the investment. A smart mobile app development company can bring it so let’s learn how it could be.

Benefits of Mobile App Development

Make Business Content Access Easy
Usages of mobile devices are increasing rapidly due to several favoring factors. Mobile apps come with all mobility advantages like instant access to devices even on the go. Easy to use in many odd use cases and in locations where desktop and wired network are nightmares.

The availability of strong and consistent connectivity with the advent of technologies for mobiles brings various services in the palm of the users including cloud and web services.

Moreover, mobile apps never solely rely on the Internet and its services for the functionality. Offline access to useful content and features are some of the unprecedented advantages of mobile apps against its counterpart web applications on desktops.

Thus, offline storage capacities of mobile apps are making life easy for the marketers and businesses to push content in highly effective ways. If your mobile app developers are skilled enough to use HTML5 and its offline big storage capabilities using manifest files, you can grab hefty spaces in the memories of client devices of the end-users.

Apart from these, creating the Progressive Web Apps, from a functional website through the browsers of the client devices, makes great sense regarding personalization and cost-effective mobile app development.
If you have developed a mobile app with good user experiences and with useful content that end-users love to consult frequently, your marketing is a sure success with big ROI.

Gain an Edge over the Competition
Mobile apps are great tools to do effective branding with right strategies and excellent customer experiences. The impeccable support system, regular app updates, and usability of the app make your app, hence your business outstanding and memorable.

Mobile apps offer a consistent touch of your business and its content with the customers through home screen of the mobile devices. Therefore, your customers have the great ease to buy the products or services with instant payment using a range of payment methods available for mobile devices.

When actual users are finding your mobile app useful and your business services at par, they definitely will make your app and business viral by referring it to others and giving positive reviews on the web and elsewhere when demanded.

An Additional Communication Channel for Businesses
Mobile apps are coming with various features to initiate direct and indirect communication between end-users and business. Therefore, if you have a smart mobile app development company with adequate knowledge of such features and know how to leverage them in your favor, you can find your customers comfortable in making dialog with your business.

Mobiles have direct call facilities in case of smartphone and through VOIP in the case of tablets. Thus, if your CTA devised to make a direct call when an action has taken by the end-user, you will have a great opportunity to grab good and quality traffic at your business and your website.

Similarly, chat features and social media chats can offer you additional and trustworthy channels of communication and engagements with your targeted audience. For instance, numerous e-commerce websites and mobile apps offer direct access to social media during the checkout process to obtain the opinion of your friends and your social circle regarding the purchase decisions of the products.

When you have such advanced features in your mobile app, chances are high to sell a product quickly and make it more viral than you can do it through an online website.

There are plenty of advantages of a mobile app for a business, and you can grab the maximum advantages only through an experienced team of the mobile application developers. Recognizing the upcoming technologies and techniques for branding and marketing is a knack of the mobile app developer team at Mindinventory. Therefore, hiring the mobile app developers makes good sense for your business promotion and overall growth.

If you have any good business promotional idea that a mobile app developer can add in the mobile app, feel free to add it in the comment box.

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The Must Knows For Building a Successful App

Building a Successful App

The factors which result in success of a mobile app are the same as the ones which are targeted at consumers. All sort of apps contain similar traits when it comes to factors for both failure and success and knowing the right factors and implementing them in your app will help make it a success instantly.

Did you know that not even one quarter of the apps made break even? Your app idea might be great but if you do not know the basics, it won’t take a lot of time before your app slips into oblivion. An important thing to note is that you will have to focus on the tried and tested methods apart from trying out newer things. This way, you can fall back onto something even if the newer and innovative approaches do not work.

It’s important to be flexible!

With the world of mobile apps changing constantly, a developer should not restrict himself to a specific set of skills or concepts and be ready to accept change as it comes. Here are some factors which are important for a successful app.

1. Make it easy and simple

An app which is easy to use and simple allows the user to spend a lot of time on it. As a developer you need to understand that mobile app users are impatient and prefer a clutter-free experience and a little bit of technicality results in the user searching for a simpler app.

2. Always be relevant

Always remember not to cluster the user’s mobile with irrelevant or useless information and focus on what the user really wants. If you want to make your app successful and interesting offer relevant content only.

3. Localize the app

If an app is localized and focuses on the context which the user reads or views in relation to the place they are in, it grasps the user’s attention immediately and he becomes more interested in it. Providing localized and timely information makes the user feel close to the app.

4. Add information to the app regularly

If your content stays the same for days and weeks to come, chances are that users will get bored of your app very soon and do away with it, looking for apps with newer and updated contents. Update information regularly and come up with new data whenever possible.

5. Do not stick to one version for any operating system

As you might have noticed, a good and successful app will offer a different app for every different platform and this is what helps increase share of users and popularity. Allow the app to take maximum advantage of each of the operating systems by offering all the features and functionalities possible.

6. Instantaneous call to action

In order for an app to be a success, its user must be able to go where he wants or what he wants to do instantly. He or she should not feel confused about the next action to take when using the app or they might just shift to another one!

7. Easy-to-share

Your users must be able to share stuff from your app on to social platforms easily as this makes the app popular and a favorite amongst users and they enjoy using it.

8. Great graphics designing

Your app must boast of a good graphic design which passes on your brand message and reveals to the user that your app is high on utility. Work on quality graphics to captivate the user’s eyes and make him used to the great designing with time.

9. Engaging user experience

A mobile app is made for various purposes and can perform various tasks at the press of a button be it playing audio, games or videos, voice chat, posting a comment and lots more. The more tasks your app can perform and the more features it can offer, the more popular it will get. Use interactive features to engage users so that they can think of nothing but your app!

10. Do not forget security

Depending on the kind of data stored on the device and how your app connects to it, it is of utmost importance that you provide utmost security to your users and ensure that all their data remains safe and secure at all times.

It’s a great idea to do things one step at a time. This will ensure that you’re on track and keep a record of what’s happening. Your app has to be built from scratch and you need to be involved in each step of the way. Do not forget the basics and you’re sure to fare better than your competitors.

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Hiring and Holding On To Quality App Developers

Talent doesn’t come cheap and even if you manage to get hold of a genius, they probably do not want to stay with you for long. Your app developer can be a gem when it comes to app development, but you need to keep them happy if you need their services.

Hiring and Holding On To Quality App Developers

Don’t take app developers for granted – quality app developers are few to come across and unless you want to risk it with the app development process, you should try to have the app developer remain in the fold.

How do App Development Companies Retain Top Talent?

An app development company can hire and hold on to quality app developers by balancing monetary aspects with development and growth. By periodically introducing training workshops, you will be able hold on to these precious developers as their intellectual taste-buds will be completely satiated.

Follow these top ways to hire and hold on to good talent.

  1. Invest in education – Aim at educating your developers about the latest technologies and tools so that their skills can be updated. This will also portray your company as one which keeps the best interests of its developers in mind.
  2. Choose the best – Focus on alluring some of the top notch developers on board and the cronies will follow. In the hope of learning some talent himself, a developer would really look forward to working with extremely talented people.
  3. Label them as ‘solution providers’ – Do not define app developers by their programming languages and instead label them as ‘solution providers’. This will make them feel that their job is challenging and they will try their best to prove themselves.
  4. Make them ‘socialize’ – Make the team socialize with the new developer over a get-together and allow the team to share their optimism and excitement with him.
  5. Ask them what they need – The best way out is to ask the developer what he needs or wants instead of forcing your idea or plans on him. This will help them control their work and achieve more!
  6. Do away with trivialities – Never bother an app developer with useless stuff as this will put them out of their mind and they will not be able to concentrate like before. Go to them only when it is absolutely necessary.
  7. High-end tools – Even if compiling codes take up a lot of CPU power and RAM, provide your developer with serious tools to make them work seriously and propel their productivity.
  8. Give them freedom – Allow your developer the freedom to experiment as he wishes to and they might just end up surpassing your expectations!

Your app developers need to feel a part of the team and see their significance. Low pay isn’t a booster and you’re better off trying to form a team culture where appreciation and constructive criticism is the norm.

Top 6 Business Models That Makes Mobile App Developers Work Easy

mobile app developers

The two terms, ‘invest’ and ‘waste’ differ from each other. The former one returns something in lieu of investment, while, in case of the latter, you do not expect to make any profits. App developers need to know whether they are investing their resources or not, and the following business models will help them identify which strategy they should opt for.

1. E-Commerce Applications

Users are making their mind order everything online and as a result, E-Commerce business model is a pioneer today. The current trend proves the success of this model and experts say that this is going to continue. Selling of the inventory is the basic idea behind this model, and the profit is earned in the term of margins. While implementing this model, the back end should be very strong (Flipkart faced many problems due to its back end).

2. Commissioned Applications

Folks interested in contract works should opt for this model. In such applications, the client is charged on an hourly basis by developers. Many a times, a less time-consuming task is completed in the larger interval of time, and this helps the developer to fetch more bucks from the client.

3. Royalty/Licensing Apps

One of the best ways of earning is royalty and developers are making plenty of money through it. Developers make a deal with the mobile companies to facilitate the users with their app by keeping it pre-installed on their device. Now, whenever that pre-installed app is explored by the user, developers earn the royalty (as decided in the deal).

4. In-App Adds

This model does not make sense until your app gets downloaded by millions of users. The advertising companies offers profit in the terms of CPM i.e. Cost Per Million or cost per thousand impression. The rates are as low as $3 CPM, which means that developer will get only $3 for thousand impressions and hence, this model is not useful for apps expecting download in thousands or tens of thousands.

5. Paid Downloads

Gone are the days. Developers thinking to earn through paid download should get out of this idea asap. Generally, games and utility apps fall into this category, but certain third parties provide free download of same apps (cracked versions) and hence, the idea of paid downloads is not so worthy until your app has a good reputation in market.

6. Freemium Model

Using freemium model is a good approach for those developers who want to provide some of the features of the app for free use and believe that their app would attract the users to get the premium version. The majority of applications implement these model and users don’t hesitate to buy the premium version of the app if the app is worthy. This model is a great stuff for those users who do not rely easily on the apps. As they test the free version, it gets easy for them to buy the pro version.

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The 10 tips to Find You An Amazing Developer

tips to find top mobile app developers

What do you do when you’re out there scourging for the right talented developer who can make the right app? While you might have a great app idea, it is the developer who can advise you on the feasibility and the costs involved.

There are few things impossible for a top developer and if you’ve an ambitious project lined up, you need to get hold of a top developer.

The biggest assets for any entrepreneur are their employees. Raising huge capital and having great idea won’t make you the best in the business. It is the highly qualified and creative team of developers will make the successful product and ultimately the best company. Here are 10 tips for finding and hiring top developers.

1. Understand the skills involved

Create an outline of the skills and culture specifics for every position in the company. For instance, an iOS developer must have skills like objective C, swift, multi-threading, and story boarding; among others. Hire iPhone app developers India

2. How is the job market doing?

Know the job market to know the right price of the talent. Though you want talent at discounted price, demand and supply will decide the price of the candidate.

3. Is your developer a team player?

No matter how talented a candidate is, if they are not a team player it will affect various other team members and ultimately productivity will go down.

4. How quick is the developer?

For optimum software development cycle, you need someone who can deliver the required work on time and can work under deadline.

5. Check the standards

You must determine the developer’s standard when coding to know how efficiently he will develop a project with minimum bugs and crashes.

6. Is the developer responsive and adaptive?

The big factor that will allow you grow to have team that is coachable. Individuals must be able to take feedback, under training and coaching to upgrade herself or himself.

7. Check the portfolio

A big list of project should not impress you. You must always check the product has developed in the past to judge the ability of the candidate.

8. Get hold of the prototype

You must use the popular developers’ rapid prototype feature to learn. This helps you know his or her process.

9. Play it steady

Never rush to appoint someone. Take time to test the individual through various tests and interview until you are assured he is the right candidate.

10. Check leadership qualities

Know how good is their network. If the developer can convince other developers in his network to join your team, it shows great leadership potential.

Don’t just rely on these 10 tips! Use your good judgment to know which developer will be suitable for your team.

The 5 Most Important Strategies to Create an Addictive App


What do you need to create an app that gets downloaded a million times?

According to research firm Gartner, less than .01 percent of mobile apps will achieve financial success through 2018. Even with such small number, developers strive to achieve the success. The key to developing a successful app is to offer addictive mobile application. You may not be next WhatsApp or Snapchat but if you can consider these five tips, you can develop a stand out app.

1. Understand the competition

Even before you create your won app, understand where it would fit into a highly competitive market. Try to find, what will be different in your app. You can find similar apps in the market, and meet like-minded developers to discover inspirations and ideas. Most importantly, understand your competition to differentiate your won brilliant concept.

2. Understand the context of use

When you plan to create an app, know how it will be used. Will it be used on the go or for leisure? The place where the user might use this app will determine if two hand or one hand interface is required. Leisure apps include games, videos, and social networking integration, which are mostly opened in the comfort of sofa, and users can afford to use two hands. While in public on the go app like messaging, news, etc. require only one-handed app.

3. Understand design is the key

When you are working on your idea, take it slow. Never stop the search for new ideas and inspiration. It is good idea to keep a sketchbook with you note ideas. Initially, try to keep things simple and open to allow any new additions.

4. Test your app

Once you build the first prototype, test it with innovative subjects – you can let drunk people or even babies try the app – just to see how much they enjoy engaging with the app. Observe them working through the interface and note the difficulties and skills required to use the app. Also ask the people to use the apps in various scenarios. This helps you learn more about your app.

5. Distribute it and take survey

Give the app to your friends, family and colleagues. Track them with analytic software and also take a short survey. Take a break from the app development do something else. Now look at the statistics and data from the survey. This will give a much better picture of the app.

As developer try to give a useful app to users that solves their problem or adds to their skills.

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