Why Your Gyms and Fitness Center Need A Mobile App?

What is fitness? Fitness is the entire ideology behind being fit, or living a life that promotes being fit and healthy. Gyms are the direct result of fitness. A lot of people go to the gym every day for no particular reason other than wanting to be fit and healthy.

gym apps

All these make gyms an incredibly profitable business that spans across the globe. Of course being a highly profitable, worldwide business, means that gyms and gym owners have to keep up the pace and stay in touch with current trends. Just like any other business they have to always look for ways to improve and make their customers enjoy and appreciate their experience.

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Now that we’ve talked a bit about gyms, let’s briefly explore another topic: mobile apps. Mobile apps are one of the most powerful tools any entrepreneur has at their disposal and gym owners are no exception. With mobile app popularity showing no signs of slowing down in 2017, having an app for your gym is definitely a great idea and a positive, forward-moving mindset. In this article we shall explore the benefits of having gym apps, and in what ways your gym can grow by offering such a service to its customers.

Customer marketing
If a gym wants the brand to grow and is looking to become a fruitful endeavor, it most likely has a website. Having a mobile basically follows the same concept as a website but a lot better, and here’s why: Websites are a great way to reach customers and at the same time a way for your customers to reach you. A website can have all the information needed for both ongoing members as well as new potential customers interested in what your gym has to offer.

However, even in the form of mobile browsing, internet websites aren’t something people carry around with them at all times. Mobile apps on the other hand are software that are literally sitting in your customer’s pocket. Through a mobile app your reach is tremendously extended as it’s safe to say that all people who would be found in a gym also use smartphones and smartphone apps. That pretty much covers every young person you can find. Not to say that older people have no place in either category by any means, but it’s just a fact that young people are predominant users of both gyms and mobile apps.

Memberships, offers and management
Depending on how many members your gym has, it can get pretty hectic as far as the books are concerned. Managing gym memberships requires attention tedious work at times. Through a mobile app, your business has the means to simplify that process and provide a friendly interface for the gym-member relations. Not only will the gym be able to easier keep track of memberships and overall activity within working hours, but it will also facilitate the reverse process for app users. Through this app your members can check how much time they have left on their membership, when it is due, and other statistics and information you want to add. The app can also let them know what deals are available and also what bonuses they are eligible for, depending on what kind of bonuses your gym offers.

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Digital competition and accessibility
Here’s a pretty straightforward philosophy: If you don’t fill in this spectrum for your customers, someone else will. The mixture of tech and fitness is not only inevitable but also evolving as we speak. Many companies are developing various tools to help people that want to stay in shape. Smart watches and even proprietary apps from the likes of Samsung or Apple are very popular with gym-goers. By having an app for your gym, you can gain a lot more popularity for your business. There are people at the gym that have a well-crafted diet and workout plan to serve their goals but there are also a ton of people that want to lose weight or build muscle without having a clue about what they’re doing. This segment will look at helping solutions which often times come in the form of the apps and gadgets mentioned earlier. Your gym and fitness apps can give them tips or even full scale diet suggestions, personal training tips and information, as well as small features that together make a lot of difference such as reminders, timers and measuring tools.

If you’re going to walk away from this article with only one thing in mind, that should be the fact that by having a mobile app for your gym, you have much better chances of people joining or sticking with you because they feel taken care of. As we all know, people like things that makes their life easier and a mobile app can certainly help a lot in that regard.

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How To Focus on Creating an Useful App?

A recent interview with Google’s Bethany Poole, the group marketing manager there, that explained how they tried to create their own app that would actually be useful for the user, got us thinking. It is true that app developers, even us writing, get distracted by shiny objects and don’t focus on the essential.

primer appWhat we mean by that is the most of us want to go on with a trend of getting apps viral and we include in the app spectacular and definitely not cheap features, like VR (virtual reality), geo location and more. But, the ugly truth is that while an app might wow the user, he/she will easily get bored and will drop it in a week’s time. So… what have we accomplished? We made a wave in the App store, and now we’re vanished. Is that really what we want?

Let’s talk a little bit more about the actual usability of apps and what you should consider before creating an app. A great looking app might not be what your customer is looking for. After all, every entrepreneur is looking to do the same exact thing: please their customer.

In the interview, Poole talked about their new app, Primer, which offers you tons of marketing strategies in five minutes. She says they found a demand for this sort of thing and decided to make a simple app, but one that would help a lot of people in their struggle of getting noticed among millions of other businesses.

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She also says that they were tempted to go flashy, like a lot of other apps, because they enjoy it as much as the user does – but they found that they want to create an application that will be found on the user’s app for a month, or maybe even a year.

In the beginning, they didn’t even want to create an app. They just wanted something innovative that would reach that demand they observed, but decided that they should actually focus more on the user than on how they can be seen as a ground-breaking company.

Even though we preach identifying your customers first, and giving the solution through an app after – her interview opened our eyes to a more profound understanding of what every business should be. We should look for problems or a demand, and then brain storm on what we should offer our customers so that they can resolve their problem. Creating the best solution to their issues will naturally attract them to your business and they will definitely remain your loyal customer.

We’ll tell you a little bit more about how Google found what is the best solution for their users – maybe you’ll find your inspiration and even learn something new you should do before creating an app.

As Bethany Poole continued, she disclosed that Google started with a questionnaire to their target audience to find out exactly what is the problem. After they discovered that 97% of adult Americans don’t learn anything new in their everyday life, they decided there has to be a reason in the middle of everything. After thorough interviews, users said that they cannot get into the learning mindset they had during school, and their lack of time lets no time for reading a book or an article.

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That’s when Google found out how they can help their customers: in their quick moments of free time, people look at their phones. So why not let their phone teach them something new? Therefore, they created an app.

She doesn’t forget to mention, however, that if the research had proven another method of learning the best for their customers, they would have taken that path. They weren’t looking for posterity, but to be helpful to their users. And, that is, probably, why Google is such a popular company and brings a smile on a lot people’s faces.

At the moment, Primer, Google’s marketing strategy app, has a very high rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on both Google Play for Android and the App Store for Apple.

If you’re looking to develop an app, ask yourself: is this product helpful for my customer or am I just doing this to get noticed in the large sea of apps? Start doing your research and find what is truly the best solution for your user, and you might find some surprising things. If an app is not your answer, who knows, maybe you should try something else. Or adapt the app to fit the user’s needs.

Google’s inspiring story about their new app Primer and how they created it, should be a starting point for your own success story.



The Must Knows For Building a Successful App

Building a Successful App

The factors which result in success of a mobile app are the same as the ones which are targeted at consumers. All sort of apps contain similar traits when it comes to factors for both failure and success and knowing the right factors and implementing them in your app will help make it a success instantly.

Did you know that not even one quarter of the apps made break even? Your app idea might be great but if you do not know the basics, it won’t take a lot of time before your app slips into oblivion. An important thing to note is that you will have to focus on the tried and tested methods apart from trying out newer things. This way, you can fall back onto something even if the newer and innovative approaches do not work.

It’s important to be flexible!

With the world of mobile apps changing constantly, a developer should not restrict himself to a specific set of skills or concepts and be ready to accept change as it comes. Here are some factors which are important for a successful app.

1. Make it easy and simple

An app which is easy to use and simple allows the user to spend a lot of time on it. As a developer you need to understand that mobile app users are impatient and prefer a clutter-free experience and a little bit of technicality results in the user searching for a simpler app.

2. Always be relevant

Always remember not to cluster the user’s mobile with irrelevant or useless information and focus on what the user really wants. If you want to make your app successful and interesting offer relevant content only.

3. Localize the app

If an app is localized and focuses on the context which the user reads or views in relation to the place they are in, it grasps the user’s attention immediately and he becomes more interested in it. Providing localized and timely information makes the user feel close to the app.

4. Add information to the app regularly

If your content stays the same for days and weeks to come, chances are that users will get bored of your app very soon and do away with it, looking for apps with newer and updated contents. Update information regularly and come up with new data whenever possible.

5. Do not stick to one version for any operating system

As you might have noticed, a good and successful app will offer a different app for every different platform and this is what helps increase share of users and popularity. Allow the app to take maximum advantage of each of the operating systems by offering all the features and functionalities possible.

6. Instantaneous call to action

In order for an app to be a success, its user must be able to go where he wants or what he wants to do instantly. He or she should not feel confused about the next action to take when using the app or they might just shift to another one!

7. Easy-to-share

Your users must be able to share stuff from your app on to social platforms easily as this makes the app popular and a favorite amongst users and they enjoy using it.

8. Great graphics designing

Your app must boast of a good graphic design which passes on your brand message and reveals to the user that your app is high on utility. Work on quality graphics to captivate the user’s eyes and make him used to the great designing with time.

9. Engaging user experience

A mobile app is made for various purposes and can perform various tasks at the press of a button be it playing audio, games or videos, voice chat, posting a comment and lots more. The more tasks your app can perform and the more features it can offer, the more popular it will get. Use interactive features to engage users so that they can think of nothing but your app!

10. Do not forget security

Depending on the kind of data stored on the device and how your app connects to it, it is of utmost importance that you provide utmost security to your users and ensure that all their data remains safe and secure at all times.

It’s a great idea to do things one step at a time. This will ensure that you’re on track and keep a record of what’s happening. Your app has to be built from scratch and you need to be involved in each step of the way. Do not forget the basics and you’re sure to fare better than your competitors.

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Making Your App Faster – The 9 Must Knows

Making Your App Faster – The 9 Must KnowsUser experience drives in engagement and a lot depends on how fast users can access your app. While it’s important that the app is of the right size – nobody like to download an app of hundreds of MB’s unless it’s something they know they really need – you need to focus on another aspect as well. How well does your app run for users?

In order to engage your users and ensure that your app’s charm stays intact, it is important that you release app updates from time to time. Even if the update is just removing bugs or solving problems, the users and the app store feel that you are committed to stay current and you easily win the users trust.

Here are 9 ways that can help you make your app updates matter.

  1. Be clear – When it comes to discussing the benefits, try to stay clear and non-technical as much as you can as unlike old users, new users will not understand the technicalities.
  2. Excite the users – Be it a bug fix or a simple update, try to excite the user by either using humor or explaining the benefits that the user will get with the bug fix offered.
  3. Check for bugs – In order to check for any bugs in the update itself, release the update to a few users with the help of beta testing before releasing to all the users
  4. Don’t overdo it – If you overdo the features and add on tons of them, you might just end up losing the original concept making users dissatisfied and the app difficult to use.
  5. Be precise – No one likes to read lengthy pointers especially if it is related to app updates. Stay crisp, to-the-point and use bullets if need be.
  6. Support email – If you haven’t done this yet, do it today! Add a support email in the app description to help users reach out to your for any kind of help.
  7. Focus on reviews and feedback – The reviews and feedback from your users help you understand what they want updated and what kind of style to own when writing updates.
  8. Redesign the app – If you feel that it is time to give the app a new look, redesign the app and make it look a little more stylish in the next update.
  9. Take in new features – Many a times, your app might benefit from the new features released by a 3rd party company. Take in these features to offer added value to the users and keep them happy.

It’s really important that you can the right app updates to drive in performance and increase engagement. mobile app development company like mindinventory can help you to design apps that work great and are just perfect for your business.

4 Amazing Ways to Cut Development and Maintenance Costs

4 Amazing Ways to Cut Development and Maintenance Costs

Organizations need to cut down costs to spur growth. With increasing competition, there often isnt any space left to splurge and your company will do well to cut down where it can. The money saved can also be gone onto research or improved employee salaries that can help boost productivity and sales.

IT organizations can yield major savings with a fixed-fee outsourcing model for developing applications and maintaining them. If the delivery contract for app development and maintenance is well-planned, it can yield up to 25 to 45 percent cost reductions in the starting year and go as high as 50 to 70 percent in the coming five years according to Steven Kirz, managing director of Pace Harmon which is an outsourcing company.

Why Do Costs Increase?

Due to the client not spending enough effort or time on figuring what is actually going to be built, most development projects are not fixed-fee and the cost increases tremendously. By actively managing the four factors mentioned below, IT leaders can reduce outsourcing rates and reduce costs easily.

  1. Roles – It is quite essential to standardize roles when adopting a staff augmentation model. Kriz says that the same roles with different nomenclature is referred to by different companies and parts of the same IT organizations and this helps establish a benchmark and baseline on these roles and even rates across all boards.
  2. Location – Geography plays a vital role in deciding how much money is to be paid for a resource and is defined generically as offshore or onshore. A company should examine the rates being offered for all location delivering services for a project as rates can differ by as much as 15 to 20 % within the country.
  3. Experience – The more experienced an IT professional is, the higher the rates he commands. Kirz suggests that IT outsourcing companies should state 3 or 4 bands of experience levels for all the roles to help avoid overpaying for resources.
  4. Technology expertise – Every role needs special knowledge, skills and training. Hard-to-find experts often command high market rates while standard rate levels are applicable when expertise is easily available in the market. The rates should also be inclusive of the continuum of technology expertise to ensure that the right price is being paid for any specific role.

Focusing on these areas will help you to cut down on maintenance costs and build better organizational infrastructure.

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How Much Time Does Your iPhone App Take to Get Ready?

iPhone app development

Are you looking to develop an app for Android, iOS or Windows? One of the first questions for developers is to understand when your app would be ready. The quicker your app is ready, the lower the development cost would be and the potential benefits would be more too. So, what is the right time period for developing the app.

You need to consider these issues before working on your application.

1. Know the target audience
The first thing is the target audience. Different people prefer a different type of interface, and is a considerable point to develop a popular app.

2. Understand the device
Then next comes the type of device, if it is for a phone or a tablet. This point is important because each device has a resolution and thus that needs to be followed by the application.

3. Understand how the app is going to be played
The orientation of the display (portrait or landscape) differs because each application has a different preferable orientation.

4. What is the OS you’re looking to build on?
The version of the OS can make a different. If your app uses specific functions that are available only in that version, then they must be programmed as per that environment. This is because they may not be functional on the other interfaces.

The next issue is of the resources. These may relate to time, finance or intellectual properties. Do you own the intellectual resources or do you need to get licenses? You need to factor in the time factor too – the less time it would take, the higher would be the cost.

The time required to develop the app is influenced by some factors, including the following.

1. Type of application
If it is a business app, it may require permissions and payment getaways. This can require more time to be developed and may add up to the cost.

If it is a game or entertainment application, then depending on the story or conceptual study the app is developed

2. Graphics and interface
Every user looks for a friendly, easy to use and an attractive interface. So the developer is required to undertake some study or survey to analyze the target audience, and this decides the time required for the app to get ready.

3. Testing of application
This is a crucial part of the development process. Here all the flaws and errors are to be rectified, and compatibility of the device hardware needs to be analyzed. If the application uses certain sensors or additional driver or device, the application must handle such issues and respond accordingly.

4. Interruption in application
Instants like incoming call, message, little battery, background app notifications and other errors can interrupt the running app or may cause some unusual behavior. The application is to be programmed accordingly to overcome the issues.

After all these considerations, here is what can be the right time period for developing an app.
Simple app (games) – 2 weeks
Medium app (games and business) – 1-2 months
Complex app (high graphic games or e—commerce) – 3-4 months
Extreme interface integration – 6 months or more

How much time is it taking for you to develop your app?

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Developing an App? Here are the Mistakes to Avoid

iPhone app development

For most of us, developing an app only means concentrating on the app lifecycle. While developing any app is challenging, most of us flounder because we have been committing the same mistake, time and time again.

Most app entrepreneurs use Android and iOS systems for business promotion – most apps have advertisements in them. It helps developers earn revenue while pushing down the cost of the app.

App development has gained significant popularity due to increasing demand for new and quality apps. Here are the benefits that iOS or Android app development gives to business around the world:

–    Giving new way to earn more money
–    Improved and fast marketing to the targeted audience
–    Increase the number people use or favor your brand
–    Much better relationship between customer and you

Mistakes developers make
You need to focus on the quality to have a great app to present. Many iPhone app development companies make many mistakes, which turns out hazardous for their app and business.

Here are some mistakes developers make
–    App developer often believes in a complicated design and menu to impress users. You need to be user-friendly – that has to be your priority.
–    Too much monetization units in the app can drive away customers.
–    Zero UX testing means less user-friendly app.
–    Preferring branding over usability is hazardous for a business
–    No throughout marketing strategy.

Avoiding mistakes
Programmer or Designer can solve every technical problem. The only thing required is knowledge and experience. Before all the technical process, you must know what you are making and how it will help you, customers. The app must always solve the problems of your users. It must belong to a niche and not combination of several things.

Once you are sure about what you are going to develop, get the best team that has the experience and knowledge to create such app. You can hire iPhone app developer that understands what you want. While your app is under development, get a good marketing strategy in place to market you app. Marketing entirely depends on you app or targeted audience.

A good idea is necessary, but a good approach and strategy makes it possible. Hence, understand the market, and users need to get the successful app.

Turning Your App idea into A Money Making Machine

mobile app development

Is an idea everything? An idea might help you make something new, but you need to carry it out well. Most successful business starts with good idea. However, it did not magically start creating money for them. Rather, it was good planning and execution, that made the idea a money making machine. So how you can turn your app idea into a money making machine?

Before you can understand how you can make money from free apps, you want learn something about the idea. When the wife of Billion Elon Musk, founder of PayPal and CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, was asked if can anyone become a billionaire, here’s what she said, “You are determined. So what? You have not been racing naked through water filled with shark yet.”

You need to shift your focus. Decide on what you want and get involved in what your audience needs and want. Offer something that is unique. Develop your unique skill. You need to develop something that’s relevant and yet never been thought of before. Remember Temple Run – it raked in the money because it was different in those times. Yes, we have those endless running games in the plenty these days but it wasn’t so back then. It was just a genuine idea that deserved the success.

To make any idea successful, you have to become master of two worlds and bring them together in a way, which is delightful and amazing.

1. Introduce new ideas. Mixing of the ideas will create a new idea that is different.

2. Introduce a competitive advantage so that you can move up; you must be the best person to know the idea and no one else.

Starting out

Once you have a good idea, you can be offered money in exchange for something that’s different. You can ask for funding in or try to create your own crowdsourcing project if you need money. Remember, your app needs to be useful – usability, user engagement and concepts play an important role.

You will have to work alone until you develop credibility and the charisma to attract more talent to join you in the quest. Make sure you learn how to take a risk and for that you need to have courage. Good luck will also play a role so learn to understand the opportunities.

If you are in the app development to just become rich, you must think it again. All your focus must be to create something valuable that helps. Hire mobile app development company Now.

How Much Does Your App Cost? Estimating App Cost Development

How Much Does Your App Cost

While developing an app, the biggest question for any company is how much it would cost to develop the app. Companies would like to know how much would it cost for them to build the app from scratch.

While the question does seem simple, often, it is hard to predict the exact price until the project is finished. Approximations can be given but the app development process can be hindered by a number of factors, including emergence of better technologies and more app testing required than thought of initially. As an app entrepreneur, the only thing you can do is take a rough estimate of the cost depending the requirements of your app.

1. Platform

More the number of platforms, higher the cost. There are three major platforms, Android, iOS, and Windows. Blackberry stands on own too but you might want to give it a miss unless you have an audience of BB users.

2. Number of screens

Every devices has its different screen sizes. Cost related to app development depends on the number of platforms, screens and backend functionality that links these screens.

3. Data storage

What kind of data the app stores also affects costs. Is it text, audio, video or images? The cost will depend on how these data is treated.

4. User management

What kind of system are you using to manage the users? You may use email registration or social media registration. Creating database to manage this registration will have an impact on the cost.

5. Data integration

The cost will depend on the how much data are you linking. More the data linking, hire the cost. The other is third-party data, which includes Facebook, Twitter or another website. This requires extra development cost.

6. Location data

Location data means how many time the app pings to the location server to estimate the location. It will mostly affect the accuracy of location for the app, which in long term effects the cost.

7. Level of security

The higher the level of inscription, the hire will be the development cost because more work goes into making it. However, it depends on the application.

8. App Analytics

If you want to track your application and analyze the data, it will cost you extra. However, it is not necessary for all applications.

9. Scalability

In future if you want to improve the capability of an app, generate more revenue and offer more features. Leaving an area for such improvement on development stages affects the cost.

10. User management portal

A backend content management system for your app that will allow much better control over the app content.

These major factors affect the cost of building an app. If you think about these factors, you can get a rough estimate.

The 5 Most Important Strategies to Create an Addictive App


What do you need to create an app that gets downloaded a million times?

According to research firm Gartner, less than .01 percent of mobile apps will achieve financial success through 2018. Even with such small number, developers strive to achieve the success. The key to developing a successful app is to offer addictive mobile application. You may not be next WhatsApp or Snapchat but if you can consider these five tips, you can develop a stand out app.

1. Understand the competition

Even before you create your won app, understand where it would fit into a highly competitive market. Try to find, what will be different in your app. You can find similar apps in the market, and meet like-minded developers to discover inspirations and ideas. Most importantly, understand your competition to differentiate your won brilliant concept.

2. Understand the context of use

When you plan to create an app, know how it will be used. Will it be used on the go or for leisure? The place where the user might use this app will determine if two hand or one hand interface is required. Leisure apps include games, videos, and social networking integration, which are mostly opened in the comfort of sofa, and users can afford to use two hands. While in public on the go app like messaging, news, etc. require only one-handed app.

3. Understand design is the key

When you are working on your idea, take it slow. Never stop the search for new ideas and inspiration. It is good idea to keep a sketchbook with you note ideas. Initially, try to keep things simple and open to allow any new additions.

4. Test your app

Once you build the first prototype, test it with innovative subjects – you can let drunk people or even babies try the app – just to see how much they enjoy engaging with the app. Observe them working through the interface and note the difficulties and skills required to use the app. Also ask the people to use the apps in various scenarios. This helps you learn more about your app.

5. Distribute it and take survey

Give the app to your friends, family and colleagues. Track them with analytic software and also take a short survey. Take a break from the app development do something else. Now look at the statistics and data from the survey. This will give a much better picture of the app.

As developer try to give a useful app to users that solves their problem or adds to their skills.

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