Ways to Attract Customers with Your Mobile App

The app development company has grown a lot in the past years, as more and more people started affording to buy a mobile device. There are three major operating systems and each one has its own app store where studios or individual developers upload their creations: Android, iOS and Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile.

Attract Customers with Mobile App

There’s a harsh competition and it’s even harder to convince people to buy a new application without knowing anything about it. Some app developers spend time and money to create the perfect application, and then they invest more money to promote it, but is it worth all the trouble? Are there any other ways to attract customers to download and install an application they store on the app store?

Many businesses start from scratch, hire best app developers, who get paid big bucks to do their job well, and they really take their job seriously, but no matter how much effort they put in and even if the application will look good, after being added to the app store, it doesn’t generate interest and it’s downloaded only by a dozen of users. It can be very frustrating and difficult to build the hype, because even if an application has been created for a specific audience, if it’s not promoted enough, its fate is doomed. Instead of enjoying the deserved smashing success, a developer sees his work going down the drain. How can this be avoided?

First Impression Always Matters
A beautiful user interface will always convince a user to download the application, because of it’s attractive on the outside, it’s surely a sign that it’s well-structured and easy to use. To give an example of a popular application that draws attention with its user interface, I have thought about Tinder, a dating app which uses cards to suggest a swipe. Single people who are looking for a possible match are swiping right if they’re interested in hooking up with the candidate, or they swipe left to ignore the profile. Now you understand how important it is to come up with a simple user interface?

A Customer Loyalty Program? Why Not?
Many stores or restaurants that can afford customer loyalty programs are using automated reward applications for long-term customers. So, these veteran customers are offered discounts, coupons, gift cards with different occasions, especially for their birthdays. Currently, the most popular loyalty applications are Belly, Spring Rewards, FiveStars or LevelUp.

Discounted Products From Online Stores 
Many online stores are struggling to sell their products because people are usually looking for stuff when they’re browsing in front of their laptops or PCs. There are some e-commerce sites that encourage customers to download their mobile application and use it to purchase clothes, footwear, electronics and other products, because they get special discounts. So, if you’re a developer, try to obtain a partnership with an online store and build an application for it, which offers push notifications whenever a new promotion is available.

A Demo Video Promoted On Social Media
App stores are full of new releases, so you shouldn’t expect thousands of downloads in the launch day. But, that doesn’t mean you have to leave the situation as it is! Act immediately, create a demo video of the application that has a maximum length of 30 seconds and applies the principles of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle (Why, How and What), then upload the video on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or even through a blog post. Someone will click Play out of curiosity.

Screenshots Are Also OK
Not talented enough to a great demo video? No problem! Just take a screen of your application in action, to allow potential customers fully understand its features. Don’t forget to add many visual elements and subliminal messages created with a fancy font. Users will be captivated by the teasing images and they will want to download the application.

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Upload Your App To An Alternative App Store
If you didn’t know, there are other stores where developers upload their applications or games that are compatible with various operating systems. One Platform Foundation claims that an app posted on a less popular store will have 200 percent more downloads than on Google Play, so try your luck on GetJar, SlideMe, Opera Mobile Store, AppsLib, Amazon Appstore or AppBrain.

Be Active On Quora
Quora is a website where people are asking questions and community of users answer to them. Maybe there are users who are searching for the exact type of application you’re created and you can recommend them your own creation. Or you could just ask strangers if they want to give your application a try, after explaining its features and benefits. Remember that Oliver Emberton obtained a book deal and he was contacted by important people in the film industry, after his response to one query.




Actionable steps to organically increase app downloads

Actionable steps to organically increase app downloads

Most businesses have gone on to prepare apps for promotional and e-commerce purposes but being able to successfully increase app downloads and make the entire web user base go mobile can be really difficult. Apps can often be more effective than mobile sites as they take up a permanent space on the users’ phones and are used more often than traditional mobile sites. Getting the right app growth allows customer retention and it can be greatly beneficial for businesses.

Increasing App Downloads

While you would be facing the question of app engagement rate after a user actually downloads your app, the first problem is to make the user feel that your app is useful. With your competitor apps probably around too, your app needs to stand out for a user to take notice. So, what can you do to increase app downloads?

Here are some steps that can be taken to increase app downloads.

Smart Banners

Setting up effective banner on your mobile site can lead to a lot of revenue generation as well as customer retention. Research has shown that almost 15.5% of smart banners lead to viewers downloading the respective apps. One of the biggest advantages of smart banners is that you can directly target customers based on their shopping preferences or usage pattern and grab their attention.


Onboarding is a process that focuses on promotional tools to generate customer retention. Giving users some sort of added benefit to customers for using the app can help a lot. After all, get lots of downloads on your app is not the main target – It is customer retention, and onboarding promotional strategies can be one of the best ways to do so.

Direct links

Giving the desktop users of your website direct access to your app can prove to be a viable way of getting more downloads of your app. You can set up contextual menus where your viewers can simply put in their phone number and your automated system will automatically send a direct download link for the app to the user’s phone.

App Indexing and Spotlight Search

Registering with Google’s App Indexing and Apple’s Spotlight search can be a great benefit for users. There are significant improvements that can be achieved by using these services. These are valuable tools to channel your app downloads and you should definitely consider using these features.

Generate relevant content

Using good content is important and you need to be able to generate regular and relevant content for your viewers on a regular basis. You should not only focus on keywords to boost your search rankings but also on the quality of content so you can keep your viewers engrossed.

You can easily create an app that looks good. Have an app icon that looks good and an app description that really makes the user feel that they need your app. Using the right keywords and right screenshots can do wonders on the app description page in the app store. These are some of the most effective ways of increasing your app downloads, why not try them soon?