Legitimate Expectations from Upcoming iOS 9

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Let’s check a fact sheet at first place before diving into the what are upcoming features and functionality in iOS 9.

Expectations from Upcoming iOS 9

Since its first iOS release, Apple had taken the seat of the leader of innovation and technologies. Fascinating use of modern upcoming technologies to offer the best user experiences was motto of the company and Steve Job had nurtured it beautifully with his charismatic personality. In due course, Apple was releasing each new iOS version with more and more features and functionality that nowhere available along with the best user experiences and flexibility.

Erroneous Approaches

Unfortunately, this approach was boomeranging in the market when users have to spend their hard-earned bucks on its new devices in order to fulfill its compatibility requirements. At first instance, it seemed that Apple is a proprietary platform and want to extract more money by releasing new version of software and hardware in a synch manner. However, it was not whole truth and majority of its users have not any objection to spend more if it is delivering the best quality available in the market.

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