Top 10 Features to Make Your Next Travel App a Hit

Mobile applications have been revolutionary in boosting the travel industry globally. However, if you have an app that failed to appeal to your users, maybe it is because it didn’t target the right audience, or lacked relevance, or does not have the best-selling features. Don’t worry. May be next time!

Travel App Features

If you aspire to build your next travel app that becomes a huge hit among your target audience, it must have the following key features that would help gain a competitive advantage and make it more saleable.

1. GPS Based Location Services
Integrating Geolocation tracking services into your travel app is like hitting the gold mine. When tourists use a travel app on reaching a destination, the first thing they want to know is a nearby hotel, restaurant or tourist attraction. The travel application should be able to quickly access the mobile device’s GPS, track location, and fetch accurate results. This would make travel a fun and hassle-free experience for your users, thus, promoting your app’s brand loyalty and popularity.

2. Travel Route Generator
How about providing your users with a comprehensive travel planner? To be honest, travelers prefer mobile applications that are capable of making travel plans, and they would just travel seamlessly. A travel route generator serves that purpose only. Travelers need to specify the destination where they wish to travel, and this feature would generate different routes to reach the location. This feature would help the travelers plan a more suitable route to reach the destination as per their needs and preferences. There are apps that let users add tourist attractions and even integrate custom landmarks to design their travel itinerary accordingly. Implementing such complex feature is not simple, but it can make your travel app a huge success.

3. Weather Forecasting
Is your travel app able to provide your users accurate weather forecasting reports before they book their flights or alike? If no, make sure that you integrate this important feature in your next travel app. Most travelers book their flights or plan a holiday in haste without considering the implications that unexpected weather change may have on their journey. To prevent such hassles, app development companies should integrate real-time weather forecasting feature in the app, and alert the travelers of unexpected weather predictions when they create their travel itinerary. There are apps that display accurate weather reports for a large number of locations worldwide. Such apps allow travelers to check wind speed, cloud formations, humidity, etc. for a particular location, and then plan their trips. Your travel app should be able to display day-specific and location-specific weather forecast report.

4. Location Based Cab or Public Transport Booking Services
When a traveler visits a whole new destination, he or she would need cab services or details about public transportation to reach a preferred location. This is also a necessity when a person wishes to reach somewhere within his or her city, and wants instant cab or public transport services. Your travel app should be able to provide location based cab services or public transportation details, which would help your users to plan their travel and reach their preferred location on time. As your app makes traveling and cab booking a breeze, it’s not surprising that it would gain a competitive edge over other apps that do not provide this feature.

5. Language Translator and Currency Converter
Integrating in-app language translator and currency converter can be tricky, but if you can get it up and running, your mobile app will instantly become a hot favorite among travelers. In many cases, especially when a tourist travels in some other country, he or she may not be familiar with the regional language. This may make traveling more inconvenient and stressful. Delightfully, there are certain apps that allow users to translate real-time voice data, scan texts for visual language translation, and even translate written texts.

On the other hand, think of a situation where a traveler needs to exchange currencies, and is not aware of the current exchange rate. Should he look beyond your travel app and search the Internet to know the latest currency exchange rate? If that happens, how is your app usable to your target audience? To make your travel app most successful, it is crucial that it should be able to track past and current variations in currency exchange rates, and provide instant information to the users.

6. Social Media Integration
In today’s world of cutting-edge interactions and communication, a travel app without social media cannot survive long in the competition. For any kind of travel app, social media integration is a must as most travelers today to love to post photos, reviews and updates about places they visit. And having everything integrated in a travel app can add to their convenience. With this feature, your users will not have to sign into their social media accounts separately to post updates and photos while traveling. The app lets them do everything in a hassle-free manner.

7. Emergency and Security Features
Any emergency situation may arise while traveling, irrespective of location and time. Therefore, it is vital for a travel app to include location based emergency phone number and service feed to ensure that users can access it whenever a crisis situation arises. During urgency, the traveler should get instant access to emergency numbers based on the current locations within the app itself. This will make them feel more safe and secured.

8. Reviews from Other Travelers
What made travel apps like TripAdvisor exceptionally popular is its comprehensive review system. With this app, travelers are able to review a location and share experiences with other travelers visiting the same place. Travel reviews, when integrated in an app, help users gain valuable insights about a place, service, etc. Likewise, they can plan their itinerary or make necessary tweaks. So, why not include this important feature in your next travel app? It would definitely gain popularity among your users as the app provides information about a location, hotels, flight service, restaurants, etc. This will also help improve the services related to travel industry. Allowing travelers to add reviews via your app can boost its download and popularity.

9. Social Dining
Want to render a unique experience with your travel app? How about giving them an authentic experience of social dining in the chef’s home itself unlike traditional restaurant dining? How about giving your users the blissful opportunity of savoring authentic delicacies at some locale’s house while listening to the intriguing tales of the land? Though in its nascent stage, the concept of social dining is gaining increasing popularity among tourists, especially among food aficionados and travelers who wish to explore the culture of the land. Apps like EatWith are certainly taking the concept to a new level. So, if you are planning to build your next travel app, you must leverage this unique feature to deliver immersive travel experience.

10. World Clock
Does your travel app include a world clock or time converter? If no, your next app should definitely have one. Tourists often get confused when they cross time zones. Don’t let them download another app for the purpose. Integrate this feature into your travel app, and make things less complicated for your users.

There it is. Including most, if not all, of the above features will definitely let your travel app gain a competitive advantage when differentiating from others. Following these tips or hiring experienced mobile app developer would give your travel app the catalyst for success.

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